Adult Swim Lessons

Our adult swim lessons are great for all ages and levels of swimming. Whether you are terrified of putting your head in the water or looking for a new workout to do in the pool--we have the perfect program for you. Swimming is a great low impact exercise that will keep you in shape and your muscles toned year round. Your instructor will build a workout specific for your abilities while stretching your endurance further each lesson. Swim instructors come with all equipment needed for you to have a great lesson and learn optimally. All of our instructors have been teaching lessons for over two years and swimming on teams, on top of getting Cooksey's training. They not only know all of the strokes and techniques, but also how to get you to feel more comfortable in the water if you do not know how to swim. They have experience teaching both pros and newbies. If you are looking for a new way to workout, keep cool for the summer, and learn, this program is the right one for you. 

Our instructors can send you workouts to do in between your swim lessons to improve. 
Your instructor can help you with your diet and health 
Swimming is perfect for adults with bad knees, back, etc. The water will help build your strength without putting extra strain on your body
Your lungs are a muscle, the more you swim and build endurance the better your lungs will get