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Cooksey's Professional Resume


California Institute of the Arts                                                          Since 2012

Cooksey Swim runs the institute’s pool facility for the summer High School program for the arts. Our lifeguards are the sole overseers for the minors in the program while they are at the pool. 

Hillcrest Country Club                                           Since 2013

Cooksey Swim completely runs all of the aquatic programs for Hillcrest. We take care of the full summer schedule from April to October, including lifeguard managers, lifeguards, swim instructors, camp counselors and swim team coaches. 

California State University, Northridge            2013-2015

Cooksey Swim schedules the lifeguards for their soccer camp's swimming portion of the camp each day. 

Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks                        2013-2018

Cooksey Swim is contracted for the water aerobic programs for senior citizens in their large recreational facility. We write all of the programs and plans for each activity, and train water aerobics instructors. 

Brentwood Country Club                                        Since 2014

Cooksey Swim runs all aquatic programs at Brentwood. We schedule lifeguards, swim instructors, and swim camp counselors. We write all summer swim camp programs, train and schedule all lifeguards, and run all swim lessons for ages 6 months and up. 

Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club                           2014-2017

Cooksey Swim is in charge of running recreational swim and Michael Phelp’s Swim Academy lessons to all of the children involved with the Boys and Girls club. We schedule a full day of swim lessons, swim team, and recreational swim for all kids in the club. We create the plans for switching in and out groups of swimmers, keeping swimmers safe at all times without parents, and offering fun and educational programming for kids who would otherwise not have the opportunities. 

Long Beach Yacht Club                                            Since 2014

Cooksey Swim schedules and trains all lifeguards and pool attendants at the club. We provide our full lifeguard services including a full-time lead lifeguard manager to look after the facility and all Cooksey staff. We train and implement pool attendant protocols including check in and check out procedures, guest greetings, and monitoring of minors in the pool. 

Westlake Home Owner's Association                         Since 2015

Cooksey Swim schedules and trains all lifeguards at Westlake HOA and contracts out swim instructors for all swim lessons at the pool. We also staff pool attendants to help with check-ins and cleanup.  

Sportmen's Lodge hotel                                          2016-2020

Cooksey Swim schedules and trains all lifeguards and pool attendants at the hotel. We work side by side with the hotel staff to ensure guest satisfaction. Our pool attendants are trained to check in and out guests from the pool area, make sure that only authorized people enter the pool, and enforce rules to the patrons (no toys, no outside food, 2 guests per room, etc.).

Beverly Hills Hotel                                                  Since  2017

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards to Beverly Hills Hotel, and train them to abide by all rules and procedures in order to keep hotel guests satisfied and safe. 

Lakeside Golf Club                                                                             Since 2017

Cooksey Swim provides a lifeguard pool manager to Lakeside Golf Club. Our pool manager looks over both Cooksey Lifeguards and Lakeside lifeguards that work at the club. We take care of all lifeguard scheduling, oversight, and documents. Cooksey Swim trains all lifeguards at pool and also provides swim lessons to members of the club.  

Mulholland Tennis Club                                                                       Since 2018

Cooksey Swim provides supplemental lifeguards to Mullholland Tennis Club. Our lifeguards work along side their own lifeguards to provide full coverage of the club. Cooksey Swim does the scheduling and training of our own lifeguards and works in combination with the club to ensure that all lifeguards are fulfilling job descriptions. 

First Neighborhood Home Owner's Association         Since 2018

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguard services to First Neighborhood. We schedule our lifeguards in two parts; to look over all families at the pool and to look over swim camp kids and assist swim camp counselors with the summer camp. 

Sherwood Country Club                                                                                      Since 2019

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards and swim instructors to the club. 

Calamigos Ranch                                                                             Since 2019

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards for their paddle board operations year around. Our lifeguards are responsible for check in and check out of paddle boards, keeping the lake safe while guests are using them, and cleaning equipment after guests leave. Our lifeguards are used for all private events at the property, including weddings, bar mitzvahs, and film shoots at 5 separate pool locations. 

Hidden Hills Community association                                  Since 2021

Cooksey Swim provides all lifeguards for their swim camp.

Larchmont charter school                                                            Since 2021

Cooksey Swim provides a lifeguard and a camp counselor each day for their summer camp. Our lifeguards work alongside their counselors to ensure a safe and fun environment for kids ages 6 and up.  

boulevard school                                                                         Since 2021

Cooksey Swim provides swim instructors for their summer school. Our instructors run 25 minute private swim lessons for 6 hours per day, for children of preschool age.


City of lancaster                                                                          Since 2022

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards for supplemental support to the cities own aquatic staff. 

Braemar Country Club                                                               Since 2022

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards for swim lessons year around as well as for all special events at the pool. Cooksey Swim also provides full time lifeguards over the summer from May to September. 

Mesa verde Country Club                                                        Since 2022

Cooksey Swim runs the aquatic program for Mesa Verde Country Club, providing regular lifeguards, swim instructors, and pool management to the Country Club.  

City of calabasis                                                                                                                                                        Since 2022

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards, head lifeguards, swim instructors, and swim lesson coordinators to provide supplemental pool management at the Calabasis Tennis and Swim Center. Cooksey’s provides upwards or 200 hours per week of staff during the regular season, and lifeguards throughout off season. 

CAPe Rey Hilton resort, Carlsbad                                                                     Since 2022

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards for weekends during the summer. 

The bridges sports centre, San Diego                                      Since 2022

Cooksey Swim provides lifeguards for their swim camps during the summer. 

YMCA, La canada                                                                                                                                                  Since 2023

Cooksey Swim provides all lifeguards year around for all programming

Cooksey’s Lifeguard and Swim Company Training

Cooksey’s Lifeguard and Swim Academy lifeguards and swim instructors go through a 24-hour training session before they are able to apply for a position with our company. Upon applying, they must do a practical, oral, and written exam. All of our lifeguards are certified in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid for the first responder. through Red Cross. After hired, our lifeguards are audited weekly to ensure skills are up-to-date.



References Available Upon Request.


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