We may be a little biased but below you will find the best management team on the planet.  All of our managers have gone through our specialized training course and are fully certified as Red Cross Lifeguards. Every one of our managers has gone through all trainings--including lifeguard for hire, contracted lifeguards, water aerobics, and swim lessons. Check them out and read their bios for more information!  

Cooksey's Management Team

Samuel Cooksey

Lifeguard Supervisor / CEO

I started this company after four years working for a city. It has been such a ride, ups and downs, ins and out, and I love watching it grow every second. It has only been able to grown because of my management team below. They make everything possible. I have such a passion for ensuring that all kids and adults are safe in the water, and I hope that through my training and programs, we can get closer and closer to no drownings. 


Hayley Church

Lifeguard Supervisor

I am pretty much involved in every aspect of the company, from training our incoming lifeguards, booking swim lessons and lifeguards for hire, to doing all of the paperwork for our new contracts. I love being a part of such a fast growing company and am so happy oto have found them at the time I did so that I could aid in them becoming big. I love working with kids and helping them swim, and my greatest satisfaction is seeing that my swim lesson kids have gotten rid of their fear in the water, because it is the most enjoyable thing in the world!!


Elijah Cooksey

Lifeguard Manager

I love teaching swim lessons! They always try to start me off doing a bunch of different things such as lifeguard shifts, cleaning pools, and lifeguards for hire, but the second summer starts I get booked from morning to night with swim lessons. I have so much fun with all of my swim lesson kids. In between swim lessons I make sure that all of our contracted lifeguards are performing their duties, and I audit them on their skills. 


Maxson Frechette

Head Lifeguard

I pretty much do everything within the company. This includes lifeguard for hire jobs, swim lesson jobs, pool cleaning, and even attending the board meetings. I love that I get to do such a wide range of things, so my summer is definitely never boring. It is a great job and I am so happy to work for Cooksey's Lifeguard Co.


Adriana Santos

Head Lifeguard

I am a swim lesson instructor and lifeguard for hire for Cooksey's Lifeguard Company. I also help manage Brentwood Country Club, one of our big contracts. I cover swim lessons in the Northridge and Beverly Hills areas. I love swimming and staying in shape. I am a student at CSUN. I like to make my swim lessons packed full of fun and learning. I work really hard to get every child to swim and have a great time playing with each of them and watching them succeed.


Geovany Lemus

Head Lifeguard

I help with our lifeguard contracts, lifeguards for hire, and swim lessons. I am the most involved in our Boys and Girls Club Contract. I love teaching kids with less opportunities and being able to become close to them throughout the summer. I learn so much from them and I know that I help them out in more ways then just in the pool area. 


Dominic Haro

Senior Lifeguard

What a great first job this has been! I love being able to have responsibility and know that the people at my pool are safe because of me and my team. I help with all of our contract services and I also help with CPR training and academies. This is such a fun experience!


Kyle Kochanski

Senior Lifeguard

I run manage the housing association contracts portion of the company. I make sure that all of my lifeguards are doing their jobs and fix any problems that may come up with scheduling or emergencies. I really love getting to know all of the members at my pool over the summer, as well as our lifeguards. When I am not at the housing associations I am picking up swim lessons or private parties. 


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