MVCC Country Club 

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Location Information

 3000 Clubhouse Rd. 
Costa Mesa 

Regular Pool Hours:


Click here for a detailed pool schedule!




Click the button for PDF of Open and Closing Duties: 

Opening Duties (First LG on Duty)

  • Unlock the pool, lockbox on side of gate at main entrance of pool. Code can be found on WIW. 

  • Unlock lifeguard closet room with the key labeled “PB” (this key also opens bathroom if locked)

    • Lifeguard closet can be found under stairs, next to the boys bathrooms​

  • Bring out the first aid kit, the lifeguard binder, tubes, umbrellas (daily safety checks, incident reports, daily numbers) and put on shallow end tower. 

  • Make sure this door is always closed

  • Set up umbrellas ​on each tower

  • Go around to each gate and turn the “No Lifeguard on Duty” signs to “lifeguard on Duty"

  • Put key back by the front gate and lock the lockbox with keys inside.

  • Daily safety check (in binder) done daily to ensure pool is safe 

During your shift

  • Daily number every 30 minutes (# of people in the pools / # of people in the entire facility)

  • 30 Up 30 Down Rule: Make sure you sit for no more than 30 minutes at a time. 

  • No diving at all in the facility, according to state law the pool has to be over 6 feet in order for diving to be allowed  

  • Parents must be by their small children at all times. If kids are swimming on one side of the pool parents must be close (i.e. parents cannot be at the bar while small children in pool)

  • Lifeguards do not take breaks at the same time, and must take breaks before or after camp (2pm-4pm Tuesday through Friday)

  • Always remember to greet all members that walk in. Be very polite and give them a smile!

  • Every SUNDAY, at the beginning of shift take out both lane lanes and drag them to open area behind pool attendants. Put them back in at end of shift. 

  • Slide comes out on Sundays!


    • Make sure only one kid is on it at a time, do not send next kid down until others are completely out of the way

  • Every Tuesday lifeguards must do a swim test prior to camp kids starting EACH WEEK

    • One length in the lap lane without needing help, they can swim in the deep end ​

  • Lifeguards are able to get their lunch from the cafe area at the pool, just ask a staff for the employee lunch 

  • You are a team! If there is no one swimming, you will help other staff with the towels, umbrellas, and other small tasks. Just makes sure you are lifeguarding if even one person is swimming. 


The club can decide at any time, that any lifeguard is not a good fit for their facility, in which case we will have to switch you to a different contract. This is why it is so important to follow all of the guidelines AND be personable while at each facility. 


  • Talk to other lifeguards for more than 5 minutes at a time (If you are talking to another lifeguard or a member always be sure to face the pool and continue to scan. Be sure to still enforce all rules.)

  • Use any of the member facilities

  • Leave any of the doors propped open for any amount of time. 

  • Have your phone out while in the pool area. 


Closing Duties

  • Tell any remaining members that there will be no lifeguard on duty and you are leaving.

  • Last 5 minutes of your shift, one lifeguard will fill out daily numbers page on google forms, found on the main staff page

  • Make sure you clean up after yourself and the area around lifeguard stations.

  • Any incident reports need to also be filled out on the Incident Report Google Form, found on the main staff page

  • Put the umbrellas, first aid kit, lifeguard binder, and tubes back into the lifeguard closet and lock the shed 

  • Put the key back in the lockbox, and make sure it is locked up.