Cross Training

What is cross-training?

Cross-training is an in water sport training program. It is a great way to help improve the sport you love doing like running, gymnastics, basketball, baseball, etc. Through intense swimming and water aerobics we will work out the muscles and improve your endurance so that you improve in your sport.  Cross-training is not just swimming laps but is a combination of swimming, water-aerobics, and water therapy. 


Why does cross-training work?


Cross-training works because it helps balance your muscle groups. It also maintains and improves your cardiovascular fitness. It reduces your chance of injury, and it helps break up your routine so you won’t get burned out when in season.  It is very important to balance your muscle groups.


Why should you go with Cooksey’s Lifeguard Company Inc?

Samuel Cooksey has been helping young athletes for years when it comes to cross-training.  As a college wrestler and graduate he knows the importance of strengthening all your muscle groups to help improve your performance.  He will be able to build a program for you that is suited to the sport you are pursuing to help build your endurance, strength, and flexibility. Once the program is built he meets with an instructor to brief them on exactly what you need to do your best in your sport.

More on Cooksey's Cross Training Swim Lesson Program


Cross training is the best way for athletic people to maintain muscles and improve endurance during the off season or in between their most loved sports.  A lot of times athletes find themselves getting worn down from the repetitive motions of their sport, such as tennis elbow, shin splints, or just tiredness on their bones and muscles.  Cross training is special in that it is all in the water, so it is extremely low impact on those tired bones.  Plus you get a chance to cool down suring a hot day! The instructor will work with you on the specific muscles you use for your sport in order to better you while playing on land.  Cross training also focuses on endurance. This is so important for any sport, you will be able to run longer and throw farther after our endurance training. Water also really helps you work out and expand your lungs, so you will not get breathtaken so fast while playing.  Their is actually a science to training your lungs. They are a muscle so Their are so many benefits to cross training. When you sign up we will take down all of your information that has to do with your sport and any problems you may have, and then we will create a cross training program specifically designed for your needs. If you would like any more information on cross training and what it can do specifically please email us or give us a call. 


Cross training could be run anywhere from easy to intense, depending on your physical condition and what results you would like to see from your lessons. Just let your swim instructor know what you would like and they will run it. 


If you would like to purchase cross training sessions, they are under 'swim lessons' in our store, and are charged the same.  You can stack up as many lessons in a row as you would like if you want to do hour or hour and a half sessions for a greater intensity cross training style. 




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