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How This Page Works!

This page is for you! Here you will be able to answer almost any question you may have about lifeguarding, clocking in or out, what the rules are at each place you will be working at, where the employee parking lot is, and what are the meal benefits there. Remember you can always call the main office number 731-617-9461 to get any help you may need.  

Above in yellow is your own mean to help make it easier for you to find the answers to what you are looking for. Below is the calendar to find training dates, equipment rental dates, and employees get togethers, along with the most common question we get from you. 

Cannot Clock In or Out?

Remember you always need to clock in and out to ensure that you get paid correctly on your paycheck. But sometimes, the location does not work or circumstances arise that make it so you are not able to clock in or out through our app. The solution is simple. Just text the company line at 731-617-9461 and tell us your name, location, that you are clocking in or out, along with the reason you can not clock in or out. For instance: Samuel Cooksey, Hillcrest, clock in, location not available. We will then add fix your times on your time card.


Be sure to always check over your times at the end of each pay period to ensure that all of your time are accurate. Side note: you are not able to clock in early or clock out late unless specifically authorized by your manager. The app will only let you in or out within a 10 minute window on either side of your shift. For example: if your shift starts at 2 you can clock in from 1:56 to 2:04 without being penalized.

What to Bring to a Private Party?

What you need to bring to a private event or pool party that you are working at. You must wear your complete lifeguard uniform (including sunglasses), a rescue tube, and a fanny pack with a basic first aid kit and a rescue mask. You can use your own tube and fanny pack. If you do not have any of these items you can rent them from the company while you are a lifeguard. Please check the website for the fee rates. If you are working for Cooksey’s the whole summer you will get any fees returned to you after you return the equipment. Please note that damaged equipment will not be reimbursed when you are done lifeguarding. To rent the equipment you can text or call the company line at 7316179461 or you can show up to one of our equipment rental days durning the summer. If you have any questions on this don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to help make your work experience be an enjoyable one. Lifeguard make sure you are always proactive, and to save those kids.

Breaks and Lunches when Lifeguarding

Here is a basic outline of how breaks work at Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim. As required by law, if you have an 5-8 hour shift you must take one 10 min break around 2 hours into your shift, a 30 min unpaid lunch before your 5th hour, and a ten minute break around your 6th hour. If you have a 5 hour or less shift you are required to take on ten minute break. Before going on any break or lunch, let the other lifeguards know (or wait until your manager on duty releases you). If you are the only lifeguard on duty make sure to tell members around the pool that you are going on a break, especially when they have smaller children in the pool. Do not take more than the allotted times or you will be written up. Lifeguards must never go on any break at the same time, they must always be staggering so that always in ratio.