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Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy is the number one spot for hiring private lifeguard in Los Angeles County. We have a great track record for our private lifeguards for hire in Los Angeles. We have sent out our private in-home lifeguards to celebrities' houses, high end producer's houses, high profile lawyer houses--you name it and Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy has done it in Los Angeles. This is because our lifeguard for hire service is exactly what people are looking for when they want to protect their family and their assets. Our private lifeguards will come to your Los Angeles home to lifeguard your private pool at the time you book them, they will watch all of the kids swimming in the pool. They will even lifeguard when no one is in the pool. Not only are our lifeguards for hire trained to save someone in an emergency situation inside the water, but they are trained for first aid outside of the water, too. This means that when you hire Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim for your party you are hire them to lifeguard everyone at your party, not just swimmers. Having a private lifeguard means never having to pay attention to the pool area. Your private lifeguard will ensure a stress free party for you to host. No more worrying about whether or not your guests are watching their children in the pool are, your private lifeguard will ensure that they are being watched. Your Los Angeles lifeguard for hire will also ensure any specific rules you want to enforce to your guests will be enforced properly. Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy's private lifeguards will run the pool the way you want. Allowing kids to still have fun, yet the lifeguard will really watch all of the kids in the pool the whole time.  Your Los Angeles in home private lifeguard will not be worried to enforce rules to your guests. Our lifeguards know the main reason that you hired them to lifeguard your home is because you care about your guests safety. 


All of our Los Angeles lifeguards for hire are specifically trained to lifeguard at private events and parties. They are not only trained in all of our lifeguard for hire proccess, but they are also trained to give exceptional ustomer service at every home they lifeguard. Any special needs you may have can be met by your private in home lifeguard. They will help clean up your home after all of the people are cleared out of the pool and their private lifeguarding is over. They can clear the pool at anytime you need (pinata, cake, presents, etc.).


Our Los Angeles private lifeguards are here to help you. Getting an in home private lifeguard in Los Angeles will show your guests that you are part of the elite. Getting a private lifeguard tells your guests you care about them, and you care about their children's safety. When your guests walk into your home and see a private lifeguard guarding your pool they will all have something to say. Our private lifeguards look and act professional, so no matter the private event you need them for they will fill the shoes you are expecting. Hire our in home private lifeguard today to show your guests you car about their safety. 




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