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LBYC- Long Beach Yacht Club

LBYC Map.png

Location Information



6201 E Appian Way

Long Beach, CA 90803

Regular Pool Hours:


Click here for a detailed pool schedule!





Click the button for PDF of Open and Closing Duties: 

Opening Duties:

  • AT grabs iPad from the front office

  • AT grabs bracelets and swim diapers from LG office 

  • AT brings all items needed to the table near the front gate

  • LG grabs key from the aquatic office 

  • LG pull all of the lane lines bay side, and leave in the one closest to street side

  • LG Perform Daily Safety Check thoroughly 

  • If the office is locked, the key opens Bri’s office as well

  • LG set up the umbrellas

Throughout the Day LG


  • Run “Safety Breaks” every other hour on the hour

    • 11:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 EVERYDAY 

    • 10 min. break for everyone to drink water, use the restroom, and reapply sunscreen

    • Blow the whistle three times in a row to start the break

    • Every child that looks 4 and under MUST get out of the pool for 10 min. 

    • Others can stay in the pool during this time if they want to

  • Take the backboard and safety equipment out of the lifeguard shack so as not to be locked away in case of emergency

  • Ensure that you always have on your tube, fanny pack, and your shirt (CA law requires you to always have these items on you while lifeguarding.) Stay in complete uniform! 

  • Ensure that you are not on your phone, nor do you have it on you while on tower

  • Ensure you are only ever either sitting in the lifeguard tower or roving around the pool

    • You cannot sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, after 30 minutes remember to stand for 30 minutes. DON’T GET DISPLASCENT.

  • Keep up on the numbers and be accurate. We look at every single number at the end of the year

  • Your position needs to constantly be changing depending on where the people in the pool are (you should always be near the people/kids most likely to need your help)

  • STAY POSITIVE!!!! We know that it can be boring, make it better by greeting members, talking with them, and showing them that you are alert and awake. 

  • Drink lots of water and apply sunscreen often. 

  • During a four-hour shift, you must have one 10-minute break in the middle of your shift. Do not be on break for longer than 10 minutes. During your break, you still may not be on your phone unless in the lifeguard office. Even if on break you cannot use your phone in main areas. 

    • If you are the only lifeguard on duty, put out “No Lifeguard on Duty Sign” and quickly tell members you will be going on a short break

  • If you are having problems with members, do not be afraid to call for someone to help. You can flag down one of the employees or aquatic manager if in office at the end of the pool. 


Throughout the Day AT


  2. Give each member a wristband once checked in

  3. Urge members with little children (under 4) to put water diapers on their kids (located in the lifeguard shack)

  4. Throughout the day when there is no one coming into the pool go around and clean up, throw dirty towels in the dirty bin, clean up trash, rearrange the chairs correctly. 

  5. Take numbers of guests in the pool/number of guests total on the same google doc, but sheet 2 every 30 mins.  

  6. You may not have your phone with you at the table, but you may read when it is not busy and at your digression. 


Closing Duties Checklist

  1. AT bring IPad back to the office through the sliding glass door

  2. If office is locked, use the key to the lifeguard shack to open Bri’s office

  3. AT put away table and chair and wristbands

  4. LG Ensure sure all of the lane lines are back in the pool before leaving 

  5. Do a final clean-up to make sure that the pool area is clean

  6. LG Put away all lifeguard materials

  7. Enter in all daily numbers into the website. 

  8. LG put away lifeguard binder

  9. LG ensure that door to lifeguard room is locked and key stowed away


If any rule or regulation listed above is not followed you are subject to immediate termination. Please remember, just because no one is swimming does not mean that you can take your focus from the pool area. Please remember that you are being recorded at all times. 

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