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What to expect out of our Lifeguard For Hire services
Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy specializes in lifeguard services. We have lifeguards for hire that we can send out to any size pool party or private event. Our fully trained in CPR/AED and Lifeguarding through the Red Cross lifeguards will show up to your event or pool party with all of their equipment. Your lifeguard for hire will constantly watch your pool, never taking their eyes off of your guests. Your lifeguard for hire will enforce all major rules throughout the event such as; no runing, no flipping, no horseplay, etc. In the case of an emergency your lifeguard for hire will jump in the pool no hesitation and deal with the situation without you having to lift a finger. You can sit back and enjoy your party with the help of Cooksey's Lifeguard Company. A no stress party is just a click away!! 
5 Reasons Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim LLC is Right for YOU!


1. Your guest's safety and fun are our number one priority.


2. All our lifeguards for hire are proactive; They are trained to prevent incidents before they occur.


3. Every lifeguard for hire includes our liability insurance to help protect you-whether your a home owner or business owner.


4. With the online store, we make it easy to book your lifeguard today.


5. We personally train all of our lifeguards that work private events.

Can I hire a lifeguard with years of experience?
Yes, you can hire a lifeguard with several years of experience. We call this our Ultimate Lifeguard. The Ultimate Lifeguards are our head lifeguards or managers that work at one of our locations that we contact out of. They help with training new lifeguards, dealing with all emergencies, and helping with our summer camps. This makes them very good being able to handle any situation and able to talk to children in a firm but gentle manor. All of our lifeguards a good but nothing can replace years of hard work in the field of lifeguarding.  


All of our lifeguards for hire are vigorously trained  throughout employement and are CPR/AED, first aid, and water safety instructor certified through the Red Cross. While on duty, all of our lifeguards for hire include our liability insurance policy. Our lifeguards for hire also include a whistle, fanny pack, basic first aid kit, and full uniform. 


You can upgrade your lifeguard for an ultimate lifeguard which has more experience. See the upgraded information below.




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