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Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy specializes in total aquatic facility management. No matter how small or big your operation is we have the experience and capacity to help. We do everything from hiring, training, to running your facility's swim camps and swim lessons. Every contract we have is unique to each facility's scale of needs. We contract with County Clubs, HOAs, hotels, yacht clubs, gyms, and more. Our main office is in Los Angeles but we are able to set up and run an aquatic facility anywhere is the United States. Once you contract with us, we take care of everything else. No more worrying about your pool and the major responsibilities that come along with it such as payroll, scheduling, covering shifts, training, and keeping up on skills. Call us to sent up a meeting today.

Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim has you covered. We have friendly, professional, and well trained lifeguards to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Every Cooksey's lifeguard works at one of our country clubs, HOAs, or hotels, which keeps them up to date with all of their lifeguard training and certifications. Each one of our Cooksey's Private Event Lifeguards comes in full lifeguard uniform, rescue tube, rescue mask, and basic first aid kit. From the moment they clock in to the moment they clock out, you and the people in your pool are protected under our lifeguard liability insurance policy. 

Cooksey's Contract Packages

Basic Package

Our basic lifeguards are great for Housing Associations, Camps, and any other small-scale facility or organization without any extra programs. With this package Cooksey's helps bring your facility up to code and gets your lifeguards trained, followed by minimal management throughout the summer. If you are looking for basic lifeguard needs at a low cost price Cooksey's can provide this great service for you. 

Deluxe Package

Our premium lifeguard package is great for any large-scale facility with an array of programs to offer their members. Cooksey's ensures that your facility is running smoothly on a weekly basis with a management team specifically assigned to your facility. We start with an intricate facility plan and then focus on getting every asset of your facility up to speed. Making sure that all laws and regulations are getting met for the safety of your members and the protection of your organization. 

Ultimate Package

Our deluxe lifeguard package is for any large-scale facility with an array of programs and a staff that does not want the stress of keeping close attention to the pool. Starting off by assigning an excellent team to your pool, Cooksey's ensures that the entire facility is running smoothly in every aspect, so you will no longer have to sweat about day-to-day operations. We will take care of everything from laws and regulations to multiple daily reports and data, and leave you with a sparkling report at the end of your season. 

More Information on Our Contracting Services

 Liability Insurance and Workmen's Compensation


One of the most important assets to a bussiness is protection. whether it is a guest who slips on the floor, an adult having a heart attack, or a child venturing a little too deep into the pool, you and your company could be at risk. We make it one of our top priorities to protect the company. We start by trainging our employees to be proactive and prevent injuries, and we protect a company once an incident has taken place. When we manage your facility we make sure you are protected while our lifeguards are on duty. Our coverage includes a one million dollar insurance policy. If our coverage is not what you were looking for at the time of negotiations you have the option to up this coverage and our sevices as well. This coverage is a must for anyone running a pool or water park. 


When your facility is protected by Cooksey's Lifeguard Company so are you! We take our business very personally and want nothing but the best for both the owners and employees of the facilities that we cover. When you sign our contract we immediately work to build and protect your future. 

What Makes Our Lifeguards Different?


Our training. Each of our lifeguards go through our speical trianing which teaches them the best way to scan, enforce pool rules, assess emergencies, and give the most efficient first-responder care. Our lifeguards go through a preliminary two week training before they are considered for employement. Throughout this training we not only teach what to do if an incident occurs, but how to prevent it in the first place. We call this proactive training. We ensure that all lifeguards are not only able to provide efficient care by themselves, but also that they are able to communicate effectively to their team members if a crisis occurs. Once they pass initial training, if they are interested in swim lessons they are given an additional five hour course. During this course they learn what levels should aquire what skills, games to play, how to have fun and be safe while teaching. We also teach our lifeguards how to deal with unruly guests, excellent customer service techniques, and form filling and filing. After they pass this two week training they are sent to the next stage; interviews. During the interview they are assessed through moral questions as well as lifeguard technique questions specific to the compnay. When they pass the interview portion we are then able to hire them and begin teaching them facility specific training. We ensure that our lifeguards are a perfect fit for the facility they are placed. 

Record Keeping  


We pride ourselves on our record keeping. We do a daily safety check which includes checking the pool and surrounding area for cracks, sharp objects, debris, etc. We make sure all hand rails are secure, and that all the required safety equipment is present and in excellent condition. We keep a daily count of patrons so we know where the daily spikes are in order to efficiently schedule lifeguards. We keep record of every incident from handing out a band-aid to calling Emergency Medical Services. We even keep a record of unruly patron reports. All of our records are kept for four years and can be copied and sent to that specific facility any time when requested. This means you do not have to take care of anything! We will write up the forms, print them, have our employees fill them out as they need, and then file them and send them to the manager of the facility. Our system enabled your company's employees to focus on their job specific tasks, as well as saves your money company and time. Cooksey's Lifeguard Company will not share any of your facilities personal information or records with any affiliated or unaffiliated parties without direct permission from the manager of the facility. 

       Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy is here to help run your aquatic facility! Whether you are looking for lifeguards to staff a private pool, park and recreational pool, gym pool, country club pool, school aquatic facility, or water park. We have a variety of different packages to choose from, ranging from minimal to complete services. All of our packages can mold into whatever facility you have, and whatever type of services you need. If you have a pool and are in search for lifeguards, swim instructors, and pool management, look no further! We do both year round or seasonal pool management. We can offer you a variety of successful programs such as summer kid's swim camp, swim teams, master swim team, water aerobics, and so much more. If you are looking for contracted lifeguards to put together new activities, or jump into running already established pool programs, we can help make your aquatic program stronger. All of our established programs have been written and tested.  We know that our programs not only bring safety to the facility but bring fun to your simmers. Your members will love our services, and they will notice the difference right away.  We want your members to want to keep coming to the pool, so we work our hardest to ensure a fun and safe program, written specifically for your aquatic facility. Scroll down to see our packages and choose which one will fit with your facility. If you have any questions email us here.





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