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Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim now offers in-home private lifeguard for your Long Beach home pool parties. Our lifeguard will come out to your house in Long Beach at the time you booked them and watch the pool for the duration of your pool party. They will not only watch and react IF a situation happens, they will be PROACTIVE. Our Long Beach private lifeguards are trained to enforce rules in order to stop any instance before it happens. Your lifeguard will enforce all of the regular rules you know-- no running around the pool area, no diving in the shallow end, no rough play, etc. If there are any other rules you would like for the lifeguard to specifically enfore you can let them know before your party starts and the lifeguard will perform. 


Long Beach private lifeguards come with a basic first aid kit, rescue tube, rescue mask, and full uniform, so they will look as professional as they act while at your pool party. While they lifeguard they will not take their eyes off of the pool. Our lifeguards are trained to completely focus on your pool and the people in it. If you are in Long Beach and you are looking for an in home private lifeguard for you next pool event you do not have to look any further. We have lifeguards that live in Long Beach with you, so they do not have to drive far to get there, eliminating tardiness and traffic jams. Your Long Beach lifeguard is close so that they can be there when you need them to. 



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Don't be cheap, no matter the age, skill level, or size of your next pool party, things can happen. By hiring Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy for your next pool party in Long Beach you are taking that extra step towards safety. You will not have to stress about whether or not your guests are pool safe and follwing rules, your Long Beach lifeguard will ensure safety to all of your pool party guests throughout your event. 




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