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Lifeguard for hire and Swim lessons

We provide Pomona with private lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, water aerobics classes, and full aquatic management services for all facilities. 

Hire a Lifeguard in Pomona

Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim is a great and easy way to hire a lifeguard in Pomona. Using us to  hire a lifeguard in Pomona is just a couple of clicks away. All of Cooksey's lifeguards for hire in Pomona are professional. Our lifeguards are trained to make you feel at ease when guests are swimming at your Pomona pool party. 

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Get a Fun Lifeguard in Pomona

 Want to hire  more than just a lifeguard in Pomona? Hire a Fun Guard for your next pool party in Pomona. Cooksey's Fun Guards in Pomona get in the water and play games with the kids to bring ultimate fun to your pool party. Hire a fun guard in Pomona to  ensure that your pool party is a hit with the kids! 

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Find swim lessons in Pomona

Finding swim lessons in Pomona starts with filling out our swim lesson form. Cooksey matches you with a great swim lesson instructor in Pomona Cooksey's swim lessons in Pomona are tailored for any ability or level. Your loved ones will quickly learn how to swim in Pomona giving you the peace of mind you will need when they are by the pool. 

Basic information on hiring a Lifeguard in Pomona 

Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim has you covered for your next pool party in Pomona. We have friendly, professional, and well-trained lifeguards for hire in Pomona to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Every Cooksey's lifeguard for hire already works at one of our country clubs, HOAs, or hotels, which keeps them up to date with all of their lifeguard training and certifications. Each one of our private event lifeguards in Pomona come in full lifeguard uniform, rescue tube, rescue mask, and basic first aid kit. From the moment they clock in to the moment they clock out, you and the people in your pool are protected under our lifeguard liability insurance policy. Don't wait to hire a lifeguard in Pomona because we book up fast during the summer.

Learning to Swim
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Basic information on swim lessons in Pomona

Cooksey's private in-home swim lessons in Pomona are the best choice when getting you or your loved ones to become safe in the pool. We teach swim lessons in Pomona. Our approach to swim lessons in Pomona is one of a kind; we meet the swimmer, see their capabilities, and build a swim lesson program based on their specific capabilities. We have extremely experienced swim instructors in Pomona to teach our style of swim lessons, and we pride ourselves on that. We teach people how to swim in the most effective way possible! 

Cooksey's does not have a public open pool to teach group swim lessons or private swim lessons in Pomona. You would need to have your own pool or access to a friend's or family's members pool in v for us to be able to teach in. If you have any questions about private swim lessons in Pomona please email or call us so that we can provide you with all of the swim lesson information in Pomona that you need in order to get you or your loved one swimming! 

We teach swim lessons throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County depending on Swim instructor and your availability and time frames. If you are not sure if we service your area, please contact us with the information. 

Basic Information on Hiring a Fun Guard in Pomona  

Hire a fun guard in Pomona who are both highly trained lifeguards and fun swim instructors is easy with Cooksey's. All of our fun guards for hire in v are certified in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid for the First Responder, and Lifeguard through Red Cross. Our fun guards in Pomona all have multiple years teaching kids or being camp counselors. Before the party the fun guard in v will plan what games will be awesome to play for your particular group of kids. If your groups of kids have certain things they are in to, we will plan accordingly. Our fun guards in Pomona really bring the fun, and are sure to get your entire party pumped up and excited. 

Our fun guards in Pomona will enforce rules to all of the children, as well as be able to assist anyone who needs help, first aid, etc. Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy is here for you when you want to hire a lifeguard in  Pomona  for your pool party. Call us to see if we have a fun guard available for your party today!