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We know that this crazy, hot California weather can bring a lot algae and other problems during the time you want to be in the pool the most. Keep up with your pool by hiring Cooksey's Lifeguard Company to take care of your pool maitenance. Cooksey's pool service and maintenance is a great way to keep your swimming pool clean all year long. We have multiple different packages to get you the exact services that fit your needs. We also do monthly inspections to let you know if everything is up to par--such as if you need an acid wash, lime stone scrub, or any other special treatments. Our pool service and maintenance is one of a kind, you will be glad that you went with Cooksey's Lifeguard Company Inc.    

Pool Cleaning Packages

All pool owners starting pool services with Cooksey's will be charged a one time $60 fee for first clean up and filter cleaning and check. This is to ensure that everything is working properly in the pool and is up to all codes and standards. 

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Full Pool Cleaning Service



Every week we will vacuum, skim, scrub the sides and bottom, and empty all leaf traps. We also check and balance chlorine, total hardness, bromine, PH, total alkalinity, and stabilizer. Every three months we clean your pool filter and clean your pool tiles. With the full pool cleaning service you will also get one free party prep cleaning you can use whenever you want.




Basic Pool Cleaning Service

Our basic pool cleaning service is a weekly vacuum, skim, scrub, empty of all the leaf traps and balancing of basic pool chemicals PH, total hardness, bromine, and chlorine. 


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1 Time Pool Filter Cleaning

Your pool filter needs to be cleaned every three months. The benefits of having a clean pool filter are that you will have fewer problems with your pool equipment, you don’t have to use as much chemicals to balance your pool water, and you will have an all-around cleaner pool.  This great service is only $80. If you are part of our pool cleaning service already we will clean your pool filter for $60!  


$80/Month or $60 for CLC members

Pre-Party Clean Up & Prep
We will clean your pool and area around, it is one less thing you have to worry about before your party.

    Party Prep: we clean your pool and everything around your pool to help you get ready for your pool party.  We not only do regular pool maitenance, but also clean the pool deck, sweep and pick up any loose debris around the pool area, clean off dirt spots with a pressure hose, blow up any pool toys you may have, and/or any other help you need.  This is a great help if you are too busy before the party starts to get everything in perfect order before your guests arrive.  We come two hours before your pool party to start prep.  Ask about our specials if you are also looking to get a lifeguard for your pool party or rent one of our great pool toy packages. 



$50/2 Hours


"I love our pool service so much I use it on my own pool at home. I have used other pool cleaning services before and was disappointed when they would come skim the top of the pool and leave. What was I paying them for? So we decided to add this service and do it the way it should be done every week; Vacuum, skim, brush, basic chemicals, leaf traps emptied, ect… We make sure every pool is cleaned weekly and if it is not done to your liking text us and we will come back. You will love our pool cleaning service as much as I do." 


Perry Cooksey,  VP Accounts for Cooksey's Lifeguard Company Inc.




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