Private Parties or Events 

What to Expect at a Private Pool Party

All the information that you need for the private event will be in the app along with the customers name and phone number. If you think you were running late make sure to call the number in the app and let the customer know or if you’re having a hard time finding the event. Once at the location, knock on the door and be sure to introduce yourself. It’s important friendly! Have them take you to the pool and ask them if there are any rules other than the normal ones that they would like you to enforce. Keep in mind ALL normal rules MUST be enforced by us, whether the owners want them to be or not. Ex: no diving in the shallow end of the pool. If there’s time before people arrive, ask if they need help with anything.


During the party you should be fully in lifeguard mode. You should never take your eyes off the pool. You must be enforcing all rules at all times. Make sure you are standing when kids are in the pool unless it is a party of four or more hours. If they ask you if you’d like to eat, you can do so once the pool is clear, or if the OWNERS watch the pool for you while you go eat. Or you can take some home with you at the consent of the owner. When your shift is about done you should ask the owner if they would like you to clear the pool completely or let the kids stay in. If there are kids in the pool, do not leave the area to find the owner, just ask someone politely to find them for you.


Just remember they are hiring you to be a lifeguard so be friendly but make sure you are enforcing all the pools rules.

If the customer ask you to stay later.

If the owner of the event asks you if you are able to stay later, and you are able, you must text the company line at 7316179461 right away with the time that the party was supposed to end, and the time that it will now end. This is crucial to protect yourself from liability. When you let us know that your party will go longer, we make sure to add that time onto our policy so that you are protected. If you do not do this and an accident happens, all liability will be on you personally. If the owner asks how to pay for the extra time, let them know it will be ran with the remainder of their payment or if they paid online they will need to call us right away to leave their card information to run the additional hourly fee. Make sure that the owner knows whatever money they ever give a lifeguard is a tip, lifeguards do not accept hourly payments.




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