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Fun Guard

Fun Guard


Fun Guards help make your private party or event fun! They will get in the pool with the kids and play games with them. Our Fun Guards fit their game plan into the kids' ages and interests.
You can set up date and time for a lifeguard right here in the store.


Although our Fun Guards are certified, they are not on top of the water scanning and making sure everything is safe. We always suggest hring a lifeguard along with your Fun Guard to ensure safety at your party. 


Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • No refunds if event cancelled within 5 days, no exceptions.  
  • Rescheduling fee: all events get one courtesy reschedule for event if requested more than 4 hours in advance (4 hours has to be within office hours of 9am-4pm OR must be requested the day prior). After that, rescheduling fee is $30 per reschedule change, even if you are going back to your original date. 
  • If order cancelled due to inclement weather, you can reschedule lifeguard as long as it is more than 4 hours in advance (4 hours has to be within office hours of 9am-4pm OR must be requested the day prior)


If you are booking a last minute lifeguard within 72 hours of event or booking for a holiday, please go back to store and book the last minute/holiday Fun Guard book tab. 

  • Cancellation Policy / Refunds

    We completely understand that plans change and sometimes you have to cancel your event. As long as you let us know about the cancelation five days (120 hours) before the date of the event you will get a full refund. If you cancel less then five days before the event you will get half of the total amount back. This is because the lifeguard has taken the shift and will not be able to pick up another shift for that day.

    If you have to cancel do to the weather you will get a full refund as long as it is 3 days prior to the event. We will reach out to you three days (72 hours) before the event if we think it is going to rain, thunder/lighting, or be cold to see if you would like us to refund you. Once have said you have said that you do not want to cancel, unfortunately you will no longer be allowed to receive a refund.

  • What to do if the lifeguard does not show.

    This rarely happens but when it does we realize that this can be devastating to the event. A couple of things might have happened, the lifeguard hit traffic or the lifeguard got in an accident. If the lifeguard is not at your event at the start time please call us right away. Our number is 731-617-9461. If you get a voicemail please make sure you tell us the name the party is under along with the start time. We check our voicemails all the time and will call the lifeguard first before we give you a call back. If we can not get a hold of the lifeguard we will do our best to send you the closest lifeguard we have in your area. Just don't wait to call us, as soon as the lifeguard is not there call 731-617-9461. We will refund you for any time a lifeguard is not at your party.


  • How many Fun Guards do I need?

    Our general rule of thumb is one Fun Guard to 15 people in the pool at one time of mixed ages and swim abilities. 

    Fun Guards workl best at smaller events with the same aged kids. Kids btween 7 and 12 are the best for Fun Guards because they all like to play the same game and can focus for more time. 

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