Does your pool guy suck?

We all know that it is a pain to find a pool guy. You go through the whole process to find a new pool guy, get them out to your pool, and have them start weekly pool cleaning. You do it once and truly hope you never have to switch your pool guy and go through this process again. You start your new pool cleaning service and you love it at first. The pool guy comes on time every week, the pool is sparkling and you are very happy with the way your backyard looks.

A few months in your pool starts looking a little dingy, it seems there are always leaves down at the bootom of your pool (posiibly even the same leaf for weeks straight). You notice that your pool guy is spending less and less time per week cleaning your pool. What used to be an hour slowly dwindles down to about 15 minutes tops.

If this is what you are experienceing with your current pool guy you need to give up. I know it is a pain to find another pool cleaning service that you trust, but now you do not have to look any further. We offer a great pool cleaning service with very personable pool cleaners. If wanted, we can talk to you about your pool, and give you updates on what we are doing in terms of service. On the other hand if you just want your pool clean and don't care about the rest we will come, clean, and leave without a sound. We will always spend around an hour at your pool making sure it is sparkling. If there is a big wind storm mid week or your pool is getting green we will come and check it out for you. If your pool vaccuum breaks we will either fix it or take it to someone who can. If you would like to order anything specifically then we can help you out with picking out the best options for your pool.

We personal your pool cleaning service to fit your needs. Cooksey's pool cleaning service is always there for you when you need us. Most pool guys are solo, meaning they do not work for a company and you cannot always get a hold of them. Here at Coksey's we have representatives that can always help you during business hours. We will make sure someone gets out there when needed, and we have procedures that are set in place and taught to all of our pool cleaners.

Although we are a company we are not a large one. This means that you will get to know the people that are working on your pool. The same person will come every week, and the same people will be answering your phone calls and emails when you have a question about your pool service. If you are looking for an organized company that you can depend on Cooksey's is the way to go for all of your pool service needs.

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