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Information on lifeguarding, swim lessons, aquatic contracting, health, pool safety, and so much more!

Contracting Lifeguards for Your City Aquatics Program

More and more cities are reaching out to us for more information on our lifeguard contracting services for their aquatic facilities. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find lifeguards and swim instructors in these times. There are just not enough lifeguards to fit the demand. On top of this, so many aquatics programs either do not have someone designated to run lifeguards or the aquatics program is just way too demanding for one person to run it. This is where Cooksey Swim lifeguard and aquatic contracting comes in.

We are experts at creating safe aquatic facilities. When you contract us for all of your lifeguarding and/or swim instructing needs, we make sure that you are taken care of. We take care of all lifeguard training, we hire, schedule, and cover shifts. We also take care of Worker’s Compensation, liability, payroll, and more. By hiring us and contracting our lifeguards and swim instructors you are hiring people that know what they are doing.

Our lifeguarding contracts are our number one priority. If you need to meet about your aquatic facility, we will take the time out to come and meet you. If a lifeguard needs to be switched out because they are not working for your facility, that is just a simple form away. We are dedicated to creating safe and successful aquatic facilities, no matter how large or small the contract.

All of our lifeguard and swim instructor contracts are completely different. We take care of full aquatic management, including swim camps, swim instruction, and swim teams. We also take care of minimal aquatic contracts such as one lifeguard a few times a week. We are familiar in lifeguarding for all kinds of facilities with all types of needs.

Reach out to us at or call us at 731-617-9461 and find out what you are missing!


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