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Our Pro Instructors

All of our instructors are amazing. They all go through the same intense swim lesson training and multiple swim lesson sit-ins before they can even begin to teach lessons with Cooksey's.


These are the people that taught our employees how to teach correctly, they wrote our swim lesson programs. They are, to say the least, pros. 


They are in exremely high demand and get booked as soon as season starts from day to night. They work extremely hard for our company and we appreciate everything that they do and all of the knowledge they pass on. 


We pay more to them to show them that they are appreciated. They are paid more becaise they have years and years of experience and they bring us hundreds countless returning customers each year. 


There is a huge diference in quality and compassion and you will see it your first lesson, they are no ordinary instructors. 

Our Pro Instructors are $60/ 30 min. 

Here's How It Works


Call (731) 617-9461 or email info@cookseyswim.com with your name, basic swimmer information, and what days and times work for you. Make sure you mention you want a Pro Swim Instructor 


We will contact you to set up our first swim lesson and answer any questions you may have about our services. 


Your Pro Swim Instructor will show up at your pool when scheduled for an awesome swim lesson!




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