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Cooksey's private swim lessons are perfect for any swimmer, at any level. We hand-pick all swim instructors for each of our clients in order to insure they have the most successful swim lessons while learning with Cooksey's swim instructors. We hire and train extremely talented and experienced swim instructors ourselves, and each come with their own equipment to aid in your private swim lessons. 

Here's How It Works


To set up swim lessons, call or email us with your name, swimmer's information, and days and times that work for the swim lessons. 

We will contact you to set up our first in home private swim lesson and answer any questions you may have about our services. 


Once scheduled, our instructors show up to your pool to teach an amazing private swim lesson and get your loved ones to reach their goals in the pool! 


Group Swim Lessons

Cooksey's offers private group swim lessons for any house, apartment, or HOA pool. Group swim lessons can range from 2-6 swimmers, depending on their ages and abilities. Group swim lessons are setup the same as private individual swim lessons, just talk to us if you have any questions and follow the steps above! 

Whether you are looking for swim lessons to refine your stroke techniques or learning to swim for the first time, we have the experience and swim instructors to fit your needs. It is never too late to get where you need to be in the pool, and we have a track record to prove it! 

Adult Swim Lessons

Swim Instructors 

Our swim instructors are hired with prior experience and then personally trained from the owners of Cooksey's. We do not hire any swim instructors blindly, and we always make sure they are ready to teach top tier swim lessons. We book them out depending on their availability and specialty to insure that you have the best swim instructor for you. 

Why Cooksey's Swim Lessons?

Cooksey's private in-home swim lessons are the best choice when getting you or your loved ones to swim and become safe in the pool. We teach swim lessons throughout Los Angeles County. Our approach is one of a kind; we meet the swimmer, see their capabilities, and build a swim lesson program based on their specific capabilities. We have extremely experienced swim instructors to teach our swim lessons, and we pride ourselves on that. We know how to teach people how to swim in the most effective way possible! 

Cooksey's does not have a public open pool to teach group swim lessons or private swim lessons in. We teach swim lessons at our private contracted clubs, home owner's associations, and at your private home. If you have any questions about private swim lessons please email or call us so that we can provide you with all of the swim lesson information that you need in order to get you or your loved one swimming! 

We teach swim lessons throughout Los Angeles County depending on Swim instructor and your availability and time frames. If you are not sure if we service your area, please contact us with the information. 




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