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Allison and Jake have been taking swim lessons with Cooksey's Lifeguard Company for three years now. Jake was terrified in the water and now knows the fundamentals of all the strokes and is swimming laps! Allison went from splashing around the pool during pool parties to being a pro at all of the strokes. During her swimlessons her instructors really dig deep into her techniques. This winter she has joined in a club team that swims year round. Next summer she will continue swim lessons with Cookseys to continue to perfect her stokes. 

John Vega -Private Swim Lessons, One on One Swim Lessons

“My son, the four year old, was terrified to get his head wet, but within three lessons was proudly showing me how he could blow bubbles and hold his breath under the water. I was really impressed and look forward to more lessons! ”

Alison Black 2011, Beginner Swim Lessons 

Cooksey's Lifeguard Company has now been teaching swim lessons with Lucas for four summers, and he is an awesome swimmer! He has no fear of the water and is completely water safe. This year we even started swim lessons with his 9 month old sister Evelyn, who is doing infant classes with us to get herself comfortable in the water. 

Owen and Johanna started swim lessons with Cooksey's Lifeguard Company two summers ago and are now both very comfortable in the water. When Owen was born they had to put tubes in his ears, which made it impossible for him to be under the water, creating a fear in him and his parents. After the first summer we were abe to get owen over his most terrifying fear! He is now water safe and starting to learn the different strokes. Johanna, his younger sister, was a little more fearless, and is also water safe and is learning to go further and further in the water without help from her swim instructor. 

Emily joins us every summer in between her sports at Palmdale High School to cross train. Cross training in the water enables her to improve greatly in her sports during the school year, such as track (pole vaulting), and cross country. We have an extremely intense cross training program with Emily. We really focus on defining the muscles she uses for her other sports, and improve her endurance drastically. Emily is a senior this year, and looking into UCLA as her top choice, where she has applied for a pole vaulting scholarship. 

Emily- Cross Training Swim Lessons


John Vega -Private Swim Lessons, One on One Swim Lessons

This is our "learn how to swim video". We are very excited to start this program and help teach parents how to ensure their child's safety by water. Check often for our new "learn how to swim videos". We hope you enjoy. 


This video shows parents how to approach safely getting their child's heads under the water and geting them used to submersion.


WARNING: Cooksey's videos in no way ensure your child's safety. Cooksey's encourages parents to first seek professional lessons until the child is more advanced. Cooksey's is not responsible for any instances or accidents that happen while trying the contents on the video. 

Learn How to Swim Video




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