Water aerobics classes are specially designed for anyone interested in a fun, low-impact water workout.  It is a great way to stay cool and in shape without over-straining your body. Water aerobics greatly improves strength, flexibility, balance, reaction time, and even memory! Overall it is a great way to meet new friends, stay healthy, and improve your physical fitness.



Our Instructors will evaluate your health and fitness levels during the first aerobics lesson to adjust the speed. If you would like a more intense water aerobic experience, we can make it anywhere from extremely simple to very intense. We will work with you on any individual muscles that you would like to focus your workout on. We will also work a lot of cardio and endurance throughout your aerobics class. If you are recovering from a surgery we can help you stretch your newly healed body and work up your strength again. If you are suffering from pain water aerobics is a very low impact activity that will help maintain your weight and keep all of your other muscles strong, while working as a sort of rehab for whatever is in pain. 

Water Aerobics Classes

   Our Classes Include:
  • All The Equipment Needed
  • A Highly Trained Personal/Group Insructor
  • An Instructor Trained In CPR & First Aid in Case of Emergency
  • Staying in Shape with Doctor Recommeded Exercises

The bigger the water aerobic group the greater the deal! If you would like to purchase group aerobic lessons, email us with the amount of participants and we will give you your adjusted price. 


​Cooksey's Lifeguard Company Inc. does private water aerobic classes that are only sold in a ten course set. Each aerobics class is an hour long. We can also create a diet / weight plan specific to your needs to help you reach your goal. Our water aerobic classes adjust to each person's physical abilities. 


If you are a business and are looking to start a water aerobic program at your facility we can help.

Go to our Contracting Page for more information.

If you are looking for our  private water aerobic classes at your pool please check

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