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Certification Policies

Certification Policy

In order to obtain Red Cross certifications and recertifications, Cooksey’s Lifeguard and Swim Academy requires a down payment of $40 from ALL staff. This down payment must be made before your first check is paid out. If down payment for the certification is not received prior to your first check, $40 will be removed from your first paycheck to cover the down payment. 


Outright, our lifeguard training is $350. If you take the training in order to work for us, we pay for the rest of the training. Therefore, we obtain the right to hold your certification until 300 lifeguard hours are met. Once 300 hours are met AND you are in good standing with Cooksey’s Lifeguard, we will release your certifications to you upon request. Good standing requires that you perform all job duties successfully, are punctual, and show up to all scheduled shifts. 


If you would like your certifications prior to working 300 hours, we will prorate the amount owed. Once this amount is paid, we will release your certifications to you. If you do not want to work for us, or decide it is not the right fit, you can still purchase your certifications outright for $350. 

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