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Hire a lifeguard for your party, event, or film shoot

Private Event Lifeguards

Our top-quality swim instructors come to you to teach your kids how to swim and be safe in the water. So splash into some Cooksey's swim lessons this Summer to give your loved ones the best!  

Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim has you covered. We have friendly, professional, and well-trained lifeguards to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Every Cooksey's lifeguard works at one of our country clubs, HOAs, or hotels, which keeps them up to date with all of their lifeguard training and certifications. Each one of our Cooksey's Private Event Lifeguards comes in full lifeguard uniform, rescue tube, rescue mask, and basic first aid kit. From the moment they clock in to the moment they clock out, you and the people in your pool are protected under our lifeguard liability insurance policy. 

 Cooksey's Lifeguard Services

Lifeguards for Private Events and Parties 

Lifeguards for Film Shoots

Fun Guards 

to Play Games in the Pool

What Makes our Lifeguards the Best

Fanny Pack

Basic First Aid

Rescue Mask


Rescue Tube

Lifeguard Uniform 

Eyes always on the water

Liability Insurance 

From the moment the lifeguard clocks in to the moment the lifeguard clocks out 

Our private lifeguards are Red Cross trained and have up to date certifications. We train and test each lifeguard before they are able to work for Cooksey's. What we look for in a Cooksey lifeguard is for them to be proactive, friendly, and able to enforce rules in a polite manner. All our lifeguards know that it only takes 34 seconds for a child to drown which means they always keep their eyes on the water. We are committed to offering the highest quality lifeguards for your pool parties and pool events. On top of all that, from the moment our Cooksey lifeguard clocks-in your pool and everyone in it is protected under our liability insurance and all of our lifeguards are covered under our worker's compensation policy. 


Other private lifeguard companies do not even actually meet their lifeguards before sending them to your pool party. We hand-select all of our professional lifeguard staff and train them once a month to make sure they are living up to our standards. Cooksey's Lifeguard has been growing since 2010, and has been providing lifeguards near you since then.   

Private event lifeguard for pool parties

Event  Lifeguards

Our private event lifeguards are perfect for anyone looking to hire a lifeguard to come to their house, apartment, community pool, or any other pool for a one-time event. We can send lifeguards for all sized events: from no swimmers to max capacity. Our ratio is 1:15 swimmers in the pool at one time. Every one of the Cooksey Lifeguards are Red Cross trained lifeguards and are up to date with all of Red Cross procedures. They come with a rescue tube, rescue mask, and full uniform.   

lifeguard contract for private club in los angeles

Flim  Shoot 

This is a lifeguard that will come to any film shoot location. They are professional and will stay out of the production's way throughout the film shoot, while still keeping both eyes on the pool while it is being used. We do have a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum amount of swimmers that we require in order to check out with the "Film Shoot" price. Our lifeguards come with a full uniform, rescue tube, rescue mask, and basic first aid. Please check the store for more information on our film shoot lifeguard prices  

lifeguard contract staff for aquatic facility running swim camp

Fun Guard

A fun guard is a lifeguard trained staff that will be in the water with the children to play games and interact with them throughout the private event. This is a fun way to get swimmers to stay active and engaged throughout the party. Please note that the fun guard is different from a lifeguard; they do not do surveillance to insure all kids are safe, as they are focusing on the games. Most people book both a lifeguard and a fun guard for their events to insure safety of their swimmers.

Cooksey's Lifeguard Cancellation Policy 

We completely understand that plans change and sometimes you have to cancel your event. As long as you let us know about the cancelation five days (120 hours) before the date of the event you will get a full refund. If you cancel less than five days before the event you will get half of the total amount back. This is because the lifeguard has taken the shift and will not be able to pick up another shift for that day. 

Cooksey's Lifeguard Bad Weather Policy 

If you have to cancel do to the weather you will get a full refund as long as it is 3 days prior to the event. We will reach out to you three days (72 hours) before the event if we think it is going to rain, thunder/lighting, or be cold to see if you would like us to refund you. Once have said you have said that you do not want to cancel, unfortunately you will no longer be allowed to receive a refund.

What to do if the Lifeguard Does Not Show

This rarely happens but when it does we realize that this can be devastating to the event. A couple of things might have happened, the lifeguard hit traffic or the lifeguard got in an accident. If the lifeguard is not at your event at the start time please call us right away. Our number is 731-617-9461. If you get a voicemail please make sure you tell us the name the party is under along with the start time. We check our voicemails all the time and will call the lifeguard first before we give you a call back. If we can not get a hold of the lifeguard we will do our best to send you the closest lifeguard we have in your area. Just don't wait to call us, as soon as the lifeguard is not there call 731-617-9461.

Is there anything else I should know before hiring a private lifeguard for my pool party? 

Your lifeguard is watching all of the people in and out of the pool, not just one. For this reason, parents still need to be having control over their children. Parents also need to be within arms-reach of their children who cannot swim or are weak swimmers. Lifeguards are the last defense against a drowning, parents are the first! Just because you have hired a professional lifeguard does not mean that they are able to babysit all of the kids at your pool party. There is a very big difference between a babysitter and a professional lifeguard. Please know that the parents attending your event will have to watch over their children still. 

Is it really worth it to hire a lifeguard? 

Yes. We truly believe that everyone needs to have a professional lifeguard at their events that have a pool. No matter what ages are swimming. No matter how many kids there are. Anything could happen at anytime, and parents cannot look at their children 24/7. Since a drowning can happen so quickly, it is imperative to have that extra set of eyes on the kids at all times. Not only that, but with Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim private lifeguards, you also get our liability insurance and worker's compensation. 

Do you have lifeguards near me?

If you are in Southern California, most likely we do! If you are in another state, our sister company Happy Swimmers might be able to help you out, check out their site below to see if they are in your area. 

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Don't see your city? Call us to see if we are in your area


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