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In-Home Private

Swim Lessons

Girl Swimming in Pool during swim lessons


Contact Us

Call 818-475-7939 or fill out the private swim lesson form to received more information and to begin booking. Please provide us with several times and days throughout the week that work with your schedule. You should also provide any information about the swimmer to help in the matching process. 

Swimming Lessons with a swim instructor to learn to swim



We will match the swimmer up with one of our amazing swim instructors. The instructor chosen is based on availability and swim level. The swim instructor will come to your pool on the days scheduled. Our swim instructors will provide all of the equipment needed to teach the lessons. 

swim lessons in-home, swim instructor comes to you


See Results!

By booking a Cooksey's swim instructor, you will see great improvement in your swimmer's abilities in ten consistent swim lessons. Our instructors know that every swimmer is different, so they will build a plan that matches with their abilities and their learning style to create an environment of success. 

How do we contact you?

Swim Lesson Pricing 

$65 for one 30 min. stand-alone private swim lesson


$55 per 30 min. private swim lesson when multiple are stacked:

i.e. $110 for 1 hour of private swim lessons, $165 for 1.5 hours of private swim lessons, $220 for 2 hours  

No minimum amount of swim lessons need to be

booked in order to schedule. 

Frequently Asked questions

How young should I start my child on swim lessons?

The perfect age to start swim lessons is 1 1/2 to 2 years old. This is a good time because your child's language and motor skills are just starting to develop enough to where they will be able to move around in the pool and really get ahead. If you start your child before 2 years, the swim instructor is basically making sure that your child is comfortable in the water. This is very beneficial for the following years' swim lessons, because they will not take as much time to be comfortable in the water and with the instructor. 

Does Cooksey's "drown-proof" infants?

Cooksey's does not believe in "drown-proofing" babies. We firmly believe in getting kids comfortable in the water at a very young age, but safely and at a pace ghat does not get them terrified of the water. We have found on multiple accounts that children that are put in a "drown-proofing" class are very cautious of the water when their parents try to get them back into it with regular swim lessons. We also believe that it gives parents a false sense of security with their babies around bodies of water; all kids should be closely monitored while in the water at all times, whether pool-safe or not. 

How many times a week should I schedule swim lessons?

We recommend two times a week for kids to have a really productive summer in the water, although the more frequent the better they do. We find with smaller kids 2-4 yrs. The more the merrier. They will learn a lot over the summer, and since they are swimming almost everyday there is no getting comfortable time wasted from one week to the next. For 5+, we find that the best is 2-3 times a week. This is so the kids do not get too tired fo doing swim lessons, but still have enough each week to really learn and get ahead. 

How long until I see results?

Within 10 swim lessons you should be seeing results. Just remember that each kid is completely different, has different abilities, and works at a different pace. Once you begin swim lessons with a kid that is afraid of the water, you do not want to stop. This is commonly a hard situation for parents, but the instructors will be there to talk you through it and give you advice. Remember: they are the experts! They know how to get your kid comfortable in the water. 

Should I be there with my kids while they swim?

We do not suggest that you are in the new swimmer's eye sight until they are completely comfortable with the instructor. If a parent is watching, we highly suggest to have the swim instructor the only one interacting with them. This is because having parents there when children are fussy and scared of the water will only pull their attention away from the swim instructor and toward the parent. The child will learn a lot faster if they are with the instructor one on one. The only time we say it is beneficial is with kids under 2, during a parent and me lesson. Having the parents in the pool when kids are so young is beneficial because the parents understand the kids, and the parent helps the kids get comfortable with someone new.

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Private Swim Lessons

Our in-home private swim lessons are great for any parent looking for a swim teacher that will be able to work and adapt to their child's specific learning style and abilities. Our swim lessons are the best because we know what it takes to teach each swimmer in every scenario. We have the experience and the talent to get any kid to swim.  


What makes our in-home private swim lessons amazing? Its our swim teachers! All of our in-home private swim lesson teachers are kind, patient, and love working with children. They all have experience on swim teams as well as being very experienced in teaching people of all ages and abilities. Call us today we would love to give you more information on our in-home private swim lessons. 

At Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy we have some of the best swim instructors on the planet.  All of our swim lesson instructors have gone through our specialized training course and are fully certified through Red Cross in CPR/AED, First Aid, Lifeguarding, and Water Safety Instructor. They all go through our vigorous lifeguard academies and hiring process. After they have all of their certifications they complete a special swim instructor training with the owners. Every one of our swim instructors comes to your home to teach swim lessons equipped with a bag full of swimming tools to aid in progressing you or your loved one's swimming abilities. Our lifeguards are trained to teach safety in the water as their number one priority. All lessons for levels 1 and 2 are focused on becoming water safe. We also offer adult swim lessons, advanced stroke technique, group swim lessons, aerobics classes, and more!

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