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Girls Swimming Underwater

Summer Swim

and day Camps

Lifeguard Swimming

We build our summer camps to meet your needs. We can create full day programs with in and out of pool activities or a small swim camp for a few hours a day. We have successful experience implementing both, and everything in between. 

How we build your camp

To make it the best summer ever at your pool our facility! 

Girl Swimming in Pool


Get in Contact

Call 818-475-7939 or send us an email for general information about your summer swim camp. Is your facility looking to revamp an old camp, keep the camp the same, or have us create a new summer swim camp? Let us know and we will start putting a plan together!
Swimming Lessons


Tell us 


  • Dates of camp
  • Camp hours
  • Activities to include 
    • In and out of pool
  • Staff needed to run camp
  • Price to participants 
  • Any and all other details!
swim lessons with swim instructor


Sit Back and Relax

After we get all of the information from you we will start to write and implement your program. We will take care of the staffing, activities, and equipment needed in order to run a successful summer swim camp for your facility. 
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Cooksey's Full Day Summer Swim Camp Example

8:00-8:30am Drop-off

  • Campers check-in, put on sunscreen, go to the restroom, and get ready  

8:30-10:00am Tennis 

  • Campers head to the tennis courts for group lessons and scrimmages

10:00-10:30am Snack & Break

  • Campers get a small snack, drink water, reapply sunscreen

10:30-12:00pm Golf 

  • Campers head to the green for group lessons and games to help fine-tune 

12:00-12:45pm Lunch 

  • Campers group up for lunch, provided by the club

12:45-2:30 Swim

  • Campers engage in group swim lesson then organized games 

Swimming Coach
Basic Info SL
Summer Camp Kids

Whether you are looking for someone to run your summer swim camp for a government contract, home owner's association (HOA), hotel, or private club, we have the experience to build your summer swim camp exactly how you want it. 

We Make it Easy

We write all activities and programs for your summer swim camps, we hire and train all swim camp counselors, and we write up all paperwork necessary so that you do not have to lift a finger. We know that you are too busy to handle the day to day operations of your facility's swim camp, and we are here to get you what you need. 

Swimming Lessons
Why  Cooksey's  Swim Camp?
Learning to Swim

When it comes to summer swim camps, we know what you need and how its done! We have over 30 years experience teaching and running summer swim camps. We have sent swim camp counselors to small 3-person camps and to large camps with more than 50 kids. We have worked in all types of camp situations, from one hour camps to full day 12-hour camps. Our summer swim camp experiences on top of our amazing lifeguard services are what make us so special. We work as an aquatic director for your facility so that you do not have to incorporate the position into your overall costs. Call us today to get more information on our amazing summer swim camps so that you can see all that we can offer to your aquatic facility this summer!  

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