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Aquatics Programs

Cooksey's Lifeguard programs and activities have been implemented at country clubs, housing associations, hotels, etc. We hand choose each lifeguard to be a leader in each of the aquatic programs that we run. The hiring criteria for the lifeguards that we choose to run our aquatic camps during the summer is based on their experience with children and within our company. Each swim instructor applicant goes through a vigorous application and interview process, all including an in water portion to ensure they are great in and out of the water. 

Daily Swim Camp
Lifeguard contract for aquatic facility at swim camp

Our daily swim camp is by far the biggest and most in depth aquatic program Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim runs. Kids of all ages (so long as they are pool safe) can join in on the summer pool fun! Each week of the summer is a completely different theme, with different games and activities that go with each. For example, we have pirate week, shark week, world guinness week, etc. Each weekly theme is panned out to the hour, and the swim camp instructor makes sure that the kids are having fun throughout the whole program.You can never expect the same thing year to year--our swim programs are always shifting, growing, and getting better. We always go over what the swimmers liked and did not like so that we can factor it inot the next aquatic program's agenda. Our swim camp instructors are great with the kids and they have a ton of different tricks up their sleeves.


Our Daily Swim Camp Agenda (based on a 2.5 hour camp) 

  • 2:30 Get on sunscreen, get changed, get in the pool

  • 2:45-3:05 20 min group swim lesson with all of the camp kids

  • 3:05-4:00 Organized/themed group aquatic games

  • 4:00-5:00 Free swim led by our swim camp instructor (loosley organized/kid's majoirity choice)


This Swim Camp agenda can be structured to fit your aquatic facility's needs. We can adjust times, days, and themes according to what you need when you contract us out. 

Swim Lessons 
Swim Lessons with private swim instructor

Cooksey's swim lessons are a great addition to your facility, and does not take any extra time or effort for your staff to set up. All you need to do is give us the go ahead to teach swim lessons at your facility, and we will do the rest. Cooksey's takes care of the swim lesson sign-ups, scheduling of the swim instructors, cancellations, and billing. Cooksey's sets up payments the way that the club feels comfortable with, so we can charge our swim lessons to a member number, have it go through the club, or deal with all of the payments in house. Our swim lesson program is set up for your aquatic facility, so you decide exactly what works best for you. 

We can either book out blocks of times for swim lessons, book free for all swim lessons, or have both options available to your members. Cooksey's provides all of the swim equipment and trains instructors to ensure that your facility is provided with top quality swim lessons. 

Swim Team 
Swimming Pool for swim team practice

Cooksey has set up successful swim teams across multiple clubs, and we are ready to set one up for your aquatic facility today! These swim teams can be weekly or a few times a week, and are built like group swim lessons for kids looking to get stronger, faster, and better in their swimming skills. The swim coach will work with them in a group to develop their swimming abilities and work on different strengths, such as flip turns, rotary breathing, distance swimming, etc. 

We have even set up cross club swim meets for our swim teams, which are the highlight of the summer. Our swim coaches will go head to head with their swim teams in a fun and competitive day of events. These are structured much like real swim meets, to teach the swimmers how to begin to swim competitively. 

Master's Swim Team 
Woman Swimming in Pool

Our Master's Swim Teams are set up for adults of all ages to get in the pool and get some laps in. A lot of adults want to get a swim workout in the pool, but do not know where to start or what to add in to their workout routine. This is a really good way for adults to hold themselves accountable, get in shape, and to learn exactly what should go into a pool swim workout. 

Master's Swim Team is also a good way for members to socialize and get to know each other, or to see friends that they do not see regularly. This is a great program to add to your aquatic facility because any pool safe adult can join in on the fun. Workouts can be dialed down or can be amped up, so whatever swimming skills they have will be sure to getting a good pool workout. 

Water Aerobics Classes
Aerobic Class in Pool

Water is an amazing, low impact exercise. It is perfect for people who cannot do a full swim workout but love to get in the pool. It can be taught by a swim instructor at any level to make sure that everyone gets a good workout. It is perfect for older members who want to get in the pool and cool off while they get a workout in. 

Water aerobics is also great for socializing and making friends at the club. It is such a fun way to get out and get in the sun. Cooksey's highly recommends offering an aerobics class to the members at your aquatic facility. 

Contact us

Choosing Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy for your aquatic facility programs is the only way to go. Contracting out lifeguards is what we focus on, and what we are great at! Our contracts keep us around for years and years for a reason, and each year our swim programs only grow. We love what we do, we love the water, and we love seeing your members having fun!


With our contracted lifeguards there is no need for an aquatic supervisor-we take that role on for you. You just let us know the type of programs you would like in your pool, and Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim does the rest. You can save a ton of money by contracting us out and not having to hire your own aquatics director. 

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