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  We are hiring! 

   Lifeguards | Swim Instructors | Camp Counselors  
  Head Lifeguards | Pool Attendants 

If you already have up-to-date lifeguard certifications:

Send us an email! We will set up a time to meet you for an interview. Your lifeguard interview will include a short session of regular style interview questions, an in water practical (you will have 3 lifeguard saves to perform), and a CPR practical. As soon as you pass and send us your current Red Cross certifications, you can begin lifeguarding right away. 



If your lifeguard certifications are expiring

We host many recert courses throughout the year, please take a look at our courses and then sign up for one that works for you. If you only work with us, we do pay for your certifications. 



If you do not have your lifeguard certifications: 

Please check out our lifeguard training academies below! We will teach you all the skills you need in order to pass the lifeguard written and practical exams. We give the test the last day of the lifeguard training, and you can begin working right after!

Certification Costs? If you are going to work with only us, we only need a down payment of $40 on your certifications, Cooksey's pays for the rest. Please see our Certification Policy for details. 

More information on Lifeguard Jobs with Cooksey's
Lifeguard certification training through Red Cross
Lifeguard contract for an aquatic facility

We are hiring lifeguards, swim instructors, lifeguard managers, private lifeguards, and swim camp counselors in Ventura, Los Angeles and Long Beach! Each summer, we hire about 100 positions for Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy. There is no experience necessary to become a lifeguard for us. To get a job as a contract lifeguard, film shoot lifeguard, event lifeguard, or swim instructor this summer in Ventura, Los Angeles or Long Beach all you need to do is sign up for one of our lifeguard training sessions below.


If you already have your certifications all you have to do is come by one one of the last days of the academy to do a lifeguard test. 


Please check out the below information on being hired as a lifeguard. If you have any questions about how to become a lifeguard and get a job as a lifeguard or a job as a swim instructor this summer please call us at 818-475-7939 or email us at You will love working as a lifeguard for us! We teach you everything you need to know to pass Red Cross tests and receive your lifeguard certifications. 

Want to get your lifeguard certifications but not work for our company? You can. You can take a lifeguard academy and pay for it, and receive your certifications the day after you successfully pass. 

Who is lifeguarding perfect for?

High schoolers! Lifeguarding is an amazing job for high schoolers! It is a great first job. Being a lifeguard gives high school kids a sense of pride. Being a lifeguard is a meaningful job. High schoolers ages 16 and up learn a sense of urgency, learn how to be responsible and dependable, and learn lifelong skills. Most high school kids who begin to lifeguard when they are young love it so much that they continue into college. Being a lifeguard is a great seasonal position because high schoolers only have to focus on it while they are not busy with school. Cooksey Swim also works around other obligations such as high school sports, clubs, etc.


College Students! Lifeguarding is a great job for college students. Working with Cooksey Swim means that college students can come in when school ends, and leave as soon as school begins. College students that are wanting to make a lot of money during the summer can work up to 39 hours a week lifeguarding. If they would like more money, they can work as a lifeguard for private parties, which pays more and normally will give tips as well. There are also opportunities for lifeguards to become swim instructors.  

Teachers! Lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons during the summer months is a great way for teachers to stay active and make some money during their off season. Teachers already have all of the basic skills down that lifeguards and swim instructors need. They know how to control situations, lead, and teach. Using these skills for lifeguarding and swim lesson instruction is a great way to spend their summers. Cooksey swim also understands that teachers have other obligations and can work around them while they are lifeguarding. 

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If you would like to have the best job this summer you need to sign up now for one of our lifeguard training academies. We are now hiring over 200 lifeguards, swim instructors, and camp counselors this summer. In order to lifeguard with Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim this summer, all you need to do is come to one of the training sessions above. Our instructors will help all applicants out as much as possible so that they can pass all of their lifeguard tests in order to get a job with us as a lifeguard. Being a lifeguard is a great first job. It is a great summer job for young people, kids in school, or college students during the summer. We have lifeguard job openings in all of Los Angeles as well as in Long Beach. If you are a high school student looking for a summer job becoming a lifeguard will be great for you. You do not have to be an amazing swimmer to obtain a lifeguard job this summer with us, you just need to be able to do 12 consecutive laps without stopping, and be able to tread water for one minute. If you need some practice, do not worry. During your lifeguard training for your lifeguard certifications our instructors will got he extra mile to help you out so that you will be able to work with us as a lifeguard this summer. If you are a high school or college student becoming a lifeguard and becoming lifeguard certified is a perfect summer job for you. Why? Because you only have to commit for the summer! Once high school or college starts again you can easily switch to weekends, or just not work at all until the beginning of the next summer. We understand that high school and college is very important. So we work with you so that you can go straight back to school after summer when your lifeguard job is coming to an end. In order to get a job as a lifeguard this summer just apply to our academy through the purchase training now button above. You pay for the Red Cross lifeguard certifications and we pay for the lifeguard training. Becoming a lifeguard this summer is simple. If you are in Los Angeles or Long Beach we have multiple lifeguard positions open for you to apply for today. 

Follow These Steps to sign up for our lifeguard academy today

Step 1

Look at our classes and choose a date for your lifeguard academy (put date in "academy"). You can secure your spot in the academy of your choice through payment.

Step 2

Go our Book Now Page, Scroll down to the Lifeguard Academy link, and fill out your information. Don't forget to include your full name, email address, and the academy you would like to sign up for. 

Step 3

Wait for our confirmation email with further instructions. Once you get it, make sure you complete all of the steps prior to the training start date. This includes your Training Waiver and your Blended Learning. 

Step 4

Show up to the lifeguard academy with swimsuit, towel, change of clothes, pen, paper, and sunscreen. You must do all days of our lifeguard academy fully and pass all tests in order to apply for a position and/or receive your lifeguard certifications. 

Step 5

Once the lifeguard academy is completed successfully, you will be ready to work as a lifeguard for Cooksey’s Lifeguards this summer! 

We Are Hiring!

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We do not only have contract lifeguard positions open at Cooksey's. We also hire managers, swim instructors, summer camp coaches, swim team coaches, aerobics instructors, private party lifeguards, film shoot lifeguards etc. We start most off as a contract lifeguard to test the waters, but when you commit to working with us, better opportunities arise!  

Certification Policy 

CLSA offers free training sessions for all potential lifeguards. Because CLSA supplies all of the training and staff for these academies, CLSA implements the following protocols for each staff’s certifications. 

  • Staff can purchase all certifications outright for $250 and receive certifications right after successfully passing training and receiving of payment. 

  • If staff work over 400 hours (within your certification dates) and are in good standing with CLSA, CLSA will release the staff’s certifications to them for free. 

  • If staff worked under 400 hours (within your certification dates) and is in good standing with CLSA, they can purchase the certifications at a prorated amount based on hours worked. 

  • If Lifeguards need recertification, the cost is $150, CLSA pays for this if you have worked for CLSA for over one full year and are in good standing with CLSA. We release these to you after 400 worked hours within certification dates.  

  • We will NOT be releasing certifications to staff that do not leave in good faith, do not show they have the necessary skills to perform up to our standards, or did not follow procedures and protocols of CLSA during work. 

Certifcation Policy

Cooksey Perks! 

When you work for Cooksey's Lifeguard, you get to be a contract lifeguard at the most high-end places in Los Angeles. Country clubs, luxury hotels, fitness clubs, and amazing private homes is where you will spend your summer days! 

We have monthly lifeguard and swim instructor appreciation days, whether BBQing at a park, grabbing pizza together, or having a beach day, we like to keep our people happy. Our lifeguards and instructors keep our business thriving and our contracts happy, and we are very thankful! 

Lifeguards and swim instructors build their own schedule at Cooksey's. Yes, we need lifeguards on weekends and holidays, but other than that you create your own schedule. If you have another job, school, or other obligations, we work around it as long as it is in your availability. 

lifeguard job, employment opportunity, los angeles employment opportunity, summer job

What You Need to Bring to Lifeguard Training:

Swimsuit (one piece for women)

Notepad and pen 

Water and a sack lunch 

Change of warm clothes 




**You must arrive 15 min. prior to ensure you are ready at start

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of our Lifeguard Training and Red Cross Lifeguard Certifications? 

We are committed to hiring the best lifeguards to keep our pools safe. So, if you are planning on working with us, we pay for your Red Cross certifications for you. Please check out our certification policy for more information. If you are planning on getting your certifications and taking them elsewhere, it is $350 for the entire certification bundle. 

Do I get my lifeguard certifications right away?

If you pay for the lifeguard certifications straight up, you can get them delivered to your email as soon as you successfully pass the lifeguard training. If you are not planning on paying for them, we hold your certifications until you work 300 hours AND are in good standing with our company. This means that you were a responsible, punctual lifeguard and we had limited to no problems with the way you lifeguard and work. It also means that you gave us your two weeks notice before you left. 


If I don't work the full 300 hours as a lifeguard, can I still get my Red Cross certifications?

Yes, we will prorate the price for you. For example, if you work 150 hours, we will half the amount of the training cost, so you will pay $175 for your lifeguard certifications, and so forth. 


What does the lifeguard training include?

The only thing you need to know going into the lifeguard training is how to swim, we will teach you the rest. The lifeguard training includes practical CPR/AED training, First Aid training, as well as in and out of the water saves. The lifeguard tests include a 300 yard swim non-stop, CPR practical, in-water saves, and Red Cross tests that include lifeguard, CPR/AED, First Aid multiple choice tests. There is an online blended learning course on Red Cross you must also complete. You must pass the written tests with at least an 80%. 

Will I pass the lifeguard training?

We do everything in our power to help every person receive their lifeguard certifications, but you have to put the work in, too. This includes listening during the lifeguard training, watching all of the Red Cross videos on CPR, AED, First Aid, and Lifeguard, as well as practicing during your free time. If you cannot pass all of the tests successfully, we will not be able to give you your lifeguard certifications. Depending on what you did not pass, we may offer you to come back and complete lifeguard certs another day. 

Do I get hired automatically if I pass the lifeguard training?

We treat the entire lifeguard training as an interview. We are paying attention to whether or not you arrive on time, are ready to put in the work, and have the type of personality that we are looking for in a good lifeguard. Passing the lifeguard training does not automatically get you a job with us, but it does give you a big leg up! 

What would it mean to me to become a lifeguard this summer?

We are a small bit bias, but working as a lifeguard is one of the best jobs you could get. If you are a high school student, college student, or even seasonal profession such as a teacher, this job will be perfect for you. Becoming a lifeguard is more than just a minimum wage job at a grocery store. Working as a lifeguard means showing up to a very important job every day. Kids cannot swim safely without you there lifeguarding them, and parents cannot breathe easy without you. Being a lifeguard is a very important job. Once you become a lifeguard it is your job to control the pool, it is your job as a lifeguard to make sure that everyone is safe while you are on duty. Being a lifeguard is a very important job for so many reasons. Getting a job as a lifeguard demands intelligence. Getting a job as a lifeguard demands physical work. Getting a job as a lifeguard means you need to learn a lot about CPR, first aid, and responding to emergencies. If you would like to get a lifeguard job this summer then you are in the right place. Our lifeguard instructors will help you out as much as possible during your lifeguard training so that you can get all the tools you need to pass. Once you pass all of your lifeguard training tests successfully you are able to receive a lifeguard job with Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim. Becoming a lifeguard this summer will be a great asset to the rest of your life, and an amazing start to your summer. 


Where are we hiring lifeguards?

Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy has open jobs throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. You can obtain a lifeguard job at multiple clubs in Los Angeles. Places we serve in Los Angeles include Beverly Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Encino, Reseda, Los Angeles, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, and pretty much anywhere in Los Angeles that you can think of! We also are in Long Beach. So if you are looking for a lifeguard job in Long Beach we can definitely help you out with that, too!

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