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More Information on hiring a lifeguard for your pool party

We are the #1 lifeguard contracting company in Southern California.

Hire us so that you do not have to stress about watching your pool! 

What to expect when you hire a Cooksey's Lifeguard

Cooksey's lifeguards come in full lifeguard uniform 

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All lifeguards are certified through Red Cross

Swimming Laps

You will be protected by our liability insurance

We have the capacity to send our private lifeguards to any size pool party or event. Whether you are looking for one lifeguard or 10, we've got you covered. We have been in the business of lifeguarding for 10 years, and we know what we are doing!  


We train and test all of our lifeguards for our contracts. Each of our lifeguards are Red Cross Certified in CPR/AED, First Aid, and Lifeguard. We practice throu-ghout the summer to make sure lifeguards are up on skills

Cooksey's private lifeguards will keep their eyes on the pool and enforce pool rules. They are trained to react in an emergency, so will jump in with out hesitation. They all have experience with kids in all different settings.   

5 Reasons Cooksey's Private Lifeguards for hire are Right for YOU!


1. Your guest's safety is our number one priority; we are dedicated to ensuring your swimmers are safe.


2. All our lifeguards for hire are proactive; they are trained to prevent incidents before they occur.


3. Every lifeguard for hire includes our liability insurance to help protect you-whether you are a home owner or business owner.


4. We make it easy to book your private lifeguard today at our store. 


5. We personally train all of our lifeguards that work private events so that we know the capabilities of each. 

Can I hire a lifeguard with 5+ years of experience?

Yes, you can hire a lifeguard with five or more years of experience. You can ensure this by booking our Ultimate Lifeguard in the Book Now section of our site. Our Ultimate Lifeguards are head lifeguards and managers, they are the best at what they do. They help with training new lifeguards, dealing with all emergencies, and helping with our summer camps. We only choose the best lifeguards to be Ultimate Lifeguards. Each lifeguard has to pass multiple tests and has to be highly reviewed to even be considered for this position. Each is very good being able to handle any situation on top of being able to talk to children in a firm but gentle manor. All of Cooksey's lifeguards are certified and qualified, but booking the Ultimate Lifeguard means that you get the best of the best. 


All of our lifeguards for hire are vigorously trained throughout employment and are CPR/AED, first aid, and water safety instructor certified through the Red Cross. While on duty, all of our lifeguards for hire include our liability insurance policy. Our lifeguards for hire also include a whistle, fanny pack, basic first aid kit, and full uniform. 


You can upgrade your lifeguard for an ultimate lifeguard which has more experience. See the upgraded information below.

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