Lifeguard For Hire 

Serving Southern California

No more worrying about whether or not your guests are safe to swim. No constant watching the pool and checking in to try and enforce rules. With Cooksey's you will have time to relax at your party, knowing that everyone in your pool is safe and sound with your private lifeguard on duty. We have everything you need to throw a great pool party! Our Lifeguard For Hire service is a one of kind experience that is necessary for any size pool party or event. We hand-pick all of our lifeguards for hire after an intense training and hiring academy, so that once they hit your pool they are ready to watch your pool and keep your loved ones safe. See all of the great accessories our lifeguards for hire come with below. Trust us, after you hire one of our lifeguards for hire, you will never dream of throwing a party without inviting Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim LLC.

All Lifeguards Include

  • Whistle

  • Standard Uniform (Cooksey's Shirt, Blue Shorts, Hat, etc.)

  • Rescue Tube

  • Fanny Pack with Resusitation Mask & Gloves

  • Emergency Backpack with Gauze, Bandaids, Antispeptic, etc. 

  • One Million Dollar Insurance Policy while Lifeguard on Duty

  • First Class Trained CPR/AED, Lifeguard, and First Aid Skills

 It is quick and easy for you to get a lifeguard for hire at your pool party!

All you have to do is call (731) 617-9461 or go to the BUY NOW page. You can also send us an email or check our STORE for prices and payment options. 

We have highly qualified lifeguards for hire who are the best at what they do.  Our lifeguards for hire will give you the peace of mind knowing that everyone in the pool is being properly supervised.  They enforce the rules and keep the kids out of trouble. You and your guests can enjoy the party without having to worry if someone is watching the kids.  Getting a lifeguard for hire for your pool parties can be stressful but we are here to help you out. We have you covered so take the worrying out of any party and get the best lifeguards for hire in California.
All of our lifeguards for hire are trained in Red Cross lifeguarding, CPR/AED for the professional rescuer, and First Aid for the professional rescuer.  We don’t just make sure our lifeguards for hire have their certs up to date, we also run our lifeguards through a weekly training to make sure that our they are ready to act when any situation arises.  We are the only lifeguard for hire company that trains their own lifeguards and constantly continues to run them through training even after they are certified.  Most companies let their lifeguards for hire sit at one side of the pool without ever leaving that position, but we make sure your lifeguard for hire stays alert by making them change their position every thirty minutes. They also must keep a 13-15 second scan of the pool. This is just a couple of ways our lifeguards for hire don’t become complacent when watching your loved ones in the pool.  Every 15-30 minutes our lifeguards must walk around the pool scanning the whole time. Our lifeguard for hire also must find a different position after their walk around the pool.  This keeps our lifeguards alert and focused the whole time they are watching the water. 
Frequently Asked Questions


How many lifeguards do I need?

Our ratio is 1 lifeguard per 20 people in the pool. If you are having a party with 15- 20 children under the age of eight we suggest 2 lifeguards per 20 children.  


How do I get a lifeguard for hire?

You can call 731-617-9461.

Email us at

or go to the buy now page. 


What certifications do our lifeguards have?

All of our lifeguards are certified with the Red Cross. Certifications include Lifeguarding, CPR /AED for the professional rescuer, and first aid for the first responder.   


When do I pay?

You need to pay before the date of the party. You can pay online at our shop page or over the phone. To pay over the phone you will need to leave a non-refunable deposit of half of the total.  


Can I request a certain lifeguard?

You can and we will try to get that lifeguard for your event or pool party although we can not guarantee that the lifeguard will be the one you requested but we will try our best to make sure it happens. If we are not able to get you the lifeguard you requested we will let you know.  


Will I know which lifeguard will be coming to my event or pool party?

Yes, you can always call the Wednesday before your event to know the name of you lifeguard. 


Where do you get the lifeguards from?

All of our lifeguards work at one of our many locations as a full time lifeguard. This allows us to be able to keep track of if the lifeguard's skills, if they are late, how they are around children, and their overall work ethic.   


"I just wanted to thank you for sending us Sam. He was amazing. Our two year old girl jumped in the deep end of our friend’s pool during their pool party and Sam jump in so fast that her head barely got wet. He was truly amazing. We are so happy to have got a lifeguard for hire for our party. Thank You Cooksey's, we will never have another party without one of your lifeguards."

James Rodriguez, Palmdale CA, 2014