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Advanced Swimming lessons, cross training for teens or adult swim lessons

Swim Lesson Levels 


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Swim lesson policy, private in home swim lessons

Here at Cooksey's we know every swimmer is a little different, which is why our swim instructors are trained to teach swimmers according to their unique abilities. We train our swim instructors to progress each swimmer's individual strengths while working to improve weaknesses to make a well-rounded and safe swimmer. 


Below you will find outlines of our swim levels and how they work. If you are not sure what swim level you or your loved ones are in, do not worry! During the first swim lesson, your swim instructor will assess to figure out exactly where the swimmer should start and what kind of teaching style we should ensue. During your swim lessons you can check back to see how much you have improved and what levels you have mastered!!

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Our Swim Lesson Levels 


private or group in home swim lessons, swim lessons

Infant Swim Lessons

Infant swim lessons should start at about 8 months old and go until about 2 1/2. They are all about getting the baby comfortable in the water with the instructor. These are not intense courses--they are simply having fun and learning to love the water. 

This is the perfect time to get your kids into swim lessons to build up their motor skills and get them moving in the water, so when they turn 2 1/2 they will be ready to really get to swimming. 

Parent & Me Swim Lessons

Parent and Me classes are designed the same way as Infant swim lessons (above), but the parent is in the water. These swim lessons are good for infants who are shy when first with new people, and for infants who get fussy when away from parents.


The instuctor and the parent will switch off doing different tasks with the infant. This makes it easier to transition into lesson without the parent when the time comes. 

Swimming Lessons
 in home swim lessons for beginners, swim lessons
Level One Swim Lessons

Level One is all about teaching the child the fundamentals of swimming and getting them comfortable with doing things by themselves in the water. This includes skills such as floating, holding their breath, jumping in and climbing out by themselves. Our swim instructors get children in this level ready to learn start swimming and teach them safety skills. 

Level Two Swim Lessons

In Level Two, the swim instructor will teach your child how to be water safe. Kids learn how to do the front crawl in short distances, jump in the pool, get to the side and climb out, kick by themselves on a kick-board,  and dive for treasure. The swimmer prepares for complete independence in the water. At this stage most kids are loving swim lessons and drastically improving each swim lesson. 


swim lessons, private swim lessons, group swim lessons
swim lessons, group swim lessons, private swim lessons

Level Three Swim Lessons

Level Three is all about the swim instructor teaching the fundamentals of the different strokes to the swimmer. At this level, the swimmer is completely independent in the pool, although they still need to be watched any a responsible adult when swimming. The child no longer needs physical help keeping afloat or swimming, has confidence in the pool, and is building their techniques during their swim lessons.     

Stroke Technique Swim Lessons

This is for swimmers of all ages that already know their way around the pool. They have been swimming for a while and want to get a little extra help to make sure their strokes are in tip-top  shape. These swim lessons could be to get the swimmer ready for a swim team or sport, or to get them some good exercise in the pool. They may need help with their swim workouts to make them more challenging, they may need help with their flipturns for a meet, or just slight little fixes here and there. Stoke technique is different for everyone, and our instructor can help you with anything you woul dliek to improve. 

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special needs swim lessons, private swim lessons

Special Needs Swim Lessons


​​These swim lessons are designed to help children with special needs build confidence, self esteem, learn life-saving swimming skills, and become physically active during the summer months. Each child will have one swim instructor for the duration of their swim lessons to ensure that they feel safe and get to really trust the instructor. Their swim instructor will be highly trained and have experience with similar special needs children. Each lesson is taught in the comfort of your own pool and lasts 30 minutes to an hour long. We have has amazing success with our special needs swim lessons; they are one of our favorite things to teach because we love to see the outcomes and growth! 

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