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Aerobic Class in Pool
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Water Aerobics

Our water aerobics are designed for anyone interested in a fun, low-impact water workout. Water Aerobics is a great way to stay cool and in shape this summer! 

Increase your strength, reaction time, memory, balance, and flexibility at once!

Water aerobics is great for anyone with bone or muscle problems. It is a great way to get back on your feet after injuries or surgery because it is low stress on your body! 

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Water aerobics is a great way for people to get into shape! It can prevent further muscle and bone injuries while giving a great workout! 


Aerobics can be a great workout no matter the shape you are in! Our aerobics coaches build classes for you! If you need to workout specific parts and rest others, we can build a plan for you.  

Our Instructors will evaluate your health and fitness levels during the first aerobics lesson to adjust the speed. Do not think that just because it is water aerobics you cannot get a good workout, we can get anyone's heart racing! We will work with you on any individual muscles that you would like to focus your workout on. We will also work a lot of cardio and endurance throughout your aerobics class. If you are recovering from a surgery we can help you stretch your newly healed body and work up your strength again. If you are suffering from pain, water aerobics is a very low impact activity that will help maintain your weight and keep all of your other muscles strong, while working as a type non-medical rehab for what is giving you pain. Please note that we are not doctors or physical therapists, so if you are seeking that you will need to look elsewhere! Cooksey's provides great water aerobic classes catered to you! 

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Our Water Aerobic Classes Include:


  • All equipment needed to aid you in your aerobics classes and get you to have a great workout! 


  • A highly trained Cooksey's lifeguard instructor for your personal or group water aerobics. 


  • A water aerobics instructor trained in CPR/AED, First Aid, and lifeguarding in Red Cross. 


  • Staying in shape while working on any muscles or bones that are hurting you! 


$110 for 1 hour individual Aerobics Class

$10 added for each additional person

(i.e. $65 for two people, $75 for three people)

$25 for equipment per session (dumbbells, belts, noodles)

No minimum amount of classes. 

More on Water Aerobics 

The bigger the water aerobic group you get together, the greater the deal! If you would like to purchase group aerobic lessons, email us with the amount of participants and the basic information. We have one base rate no matter what, so your group can split the fee to make getting in shape more inexpensive than ever!



​Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy offers hour long classes. We can also create a diet / weight plan specific to your needs to help you reach your goal. Our water aerobic classes adjust to each person's physical abilities. 


If you are a business and are looking to start a water aerobic program at your facility we can help. If at a full size pool, classes have the opportunity of being bigger than 10, but may need more than one instructor. Go to our Contract Page for more information.

If you are looking for our  private water aerobic classes at your private in-home pool, please check

Cooksey's Store for prices. 

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