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Want more than just a lifeguard? Hire a Fun Guard for your next private party or event. They will show up, bring some toys, get in the water and play games with the kids, and ensure that your party is a hit!

Our fun guards are higly trained lifeguards and swim instructors. They are certified in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid for the First Responder, and Lifeguard through Red Cross. They all have multiple years teaching kids. Before the party we will plan what games will be awesome to play for your particular group of kids. If they have certain things they are super into, we will plan accordingly. Our Fun Guards really bring the fun, and are sure to get your entire party pumped up and excited. 

Our Fun Guards can be hired for any party where the kids are at least 5 years of age and can swim across the pool. The Fun Guard to children ratio cannot exceed 1:15 kids in the pool and participating at one time. 

The Fun Guard will enforce rules to all of the children, as well as be able to assist anyone who needs help, first aid, etc. Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy can support Fun Guards in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge, West Hills, Calabasis, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Clarita and more!

Please note that a Fun Guard does not offer the same kind of safety the Event Lifeguards do. This is because the Fun Guard is in the water and will not be able to scan the water to insurance the safety of the people in the pool. The Fun Guard's only job is to make the pool party fun for the children in the pool. We always recommend that you hire an Event Lifeguard if you are going to hire a Fun Guard but you do not have to hire both. 


Fun Guards are great for children between the ages of five years old to eleven years old. We have found that once children are around the age of twelve they would rather hang out and talk with their friends than play pool games. Each Fun Guard works with children during the summer at one of our summer camps and has lots of experience getting children to participate in group game. They are fun, goofy, and make sure the kids are playing safely in the pool.    




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