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Film Shoot Lifeguards

Hire a Lifeguard For Small to Large Budget Productions

Image by Jakob Owens

Whether you need one lifeguard for a small school production or you need multiple lifeguards spread throughout multiple days, Cooksey's is here for you. We book lifeguards for film shoots year round, any day of the week, any time of the day. Cooksey's offers competitive pricing for longer film shoots with less swimmers so that you can book our lifeguards and stick to your budget. Please check out our store for film shoot rates!

Filming Location

Our lifeguards for longer film productions with few swimmers are less expensive than the regular event lifeguards we offer. In order to receive this special filming deal on your lifeguard you must never have more than ten people in the water at one time. If there is more than ten people in the water at one time or if your shoot ends up needing a lifeguard for less than 5 hours you will be charged our regular amount for an event lifeguard

Our lifeguards for film productions come with everything included in the regular lifeguards for hire. They are all certified in Lifeguard, CPR/AED, and first aid through Red Cross. They will also come with a rescue tube, full uniform, fanny pack with a basic first aid kit and rescue mask, and also our one million dollar liability insurance policy. 

Image by Jakob Owens

Whether you are filming a small student film shoot for your university, an independent film, or a big production our lifeguard for film shoot services will fit your needs. We can even provide you with the lifeguards certifications so you can have them on file for your event. 


Even if you are not required to get a lifeguard for your film shoot, it is always better to be safe. Anything can happen at any time. Our lifeguards are trained to act on all scenarios that happen in or out of the pool. They are trained to handle emergencies such as heart attacks, choking, seizures, and all first aid. When you hire one of our lifeguards to watch over your production you know you have someone that will not only assist in an emergency but prevent one from happeneing in the first place. 

We have lifeguarded for all different kinds and sizes of productions. From lifeguarding a film shoot with one person in a bathtub for USC to a television show on Wii TV. There is no job that we cannot do. We give the discounted price to film productions with less than ten people in the water at one time because we know that budgets can be tough to stick with. We want the people in your film to be safe and guarded by a highly-trained and certified lifeguard for hire. 


There is an extra fee for booking with us the week of your film shoot. It is hard for us to find extra lifeguards in a sinch, so there is an extra charge to the hourly rate. Please check the store for prices on last minute lifeguards. If you are looking to get a last minute lifeguard please be sure to call us before you book your last minute lifeguard so we can see if it is even possible for us to get a lifeguard for your film shoot. If you get an answering machine please leave us a voicemail so we can call you back.  

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