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Thank you so much for liking us and telling your friends and family about us. We grew because of all of you, with your love and support we became what we are today. Thank you, and if this is the first time using us welcome to the family. We will make sure you get the best lifeguards, swim instructors, and people around. We will make sure we take care of you.

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Lifeguard Contracting

We contract out lifegaurds to country clubs, HOAs, Priavte Facilities, and Parks and Rec. Our lifeguards service Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Glendale, and Santa Clarita to name a few. Our contracting lifeguard services allows you as a facility manager to focus solely on your line of work. We will take care of everything from scheduling lifeguards, covering shifts, training lifeguards, and making sure that they are constantly doing their job. Your pool will run in tip top shape. We offer a variety of packages so that you can pick the exact lifeguard services that fit with your needs. 

Swim Lessons

Our swim instructors are great with children. It is very important to us that we teach our swim lessons with a firm but gentle hand. We want to push children to learn how to swim quickly but we also want them to love the water. This does not mean your child won't cry because all children under the age of four cries the first couple of times durn their swim lessons, this just means we will do a lot of bonding first before we really start learning how to swim. We do not have a swimming pool of our own, which means our swim lessons are in home private swim lessons. Our swim lessons can be both private and semiprivate, but you do ask that both children are close to the same swim abilities. 

Lifeguard for hire

Our lifeguard for hire service all of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, and Long Beach. We even service Simi Valley and Ventrua. Our lifeguards for hire are highly trained and fully certified through Red Cross. You can hire a lifeguard for a one-time private event or pool party, or you can contract us out to completely manage and run your facility for the summer. Our lifeguard for hire for your pool party or priavte event will give you the peace of mind knowing that everyone in the pool is being looked after, so just sit back and relax while we provide top services and safety to your pool. 

Lifeguard for Film Shoots

We have lifeguards to cover you durning your photo shoots or filming shoots. Hire one of our lifeguards for your film shoot in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, and Long Beach. We even service Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena. In order to get the special price for film shoots you do need to hire us for a minimum of five hours. When you hire us for your film shoot please make sure you add us to your call sheet so we can let the lifeguard know where to park and who to call if they are having a hard time finding the locations. If you are unsure about the hours and location be sure to call us so we can help you book with the date, location, and hours as unknown.   




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