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Pool Attendants 

Here at Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim Academy, we know that policies and procedures concerning COVID-19 are changing quickly. This is why we are offering our pool attendants to Home Owner's Associations / HOAs apartment complexes, private clubs, and hotels to ensure all California policies and procedures are maintained and constantly updated. We are well-aware of any changing policies and have the experience and capacity to enforce everything needed to keep your aquatic facility safe and up to date. 

COVID-19 Pool Attendant Services 

Home Owner's Associations, Private Clubs, Hotels, etc. 

We constantly enforce up to date procedures and practices to ensure that your facility is safe during these times.

Our attendants enforce social distancing in and out of the pool, flow of movement, masks, keeping people in their reserved area, etc. 

We cater our services to fit your facility's unique needs. We create procedures and guidelines to match what you are looking for.  

more on our COVID-19 Pool attendants

Once a contract is in place between a new Home Owner's Association / HOA or apartment complex, COVID-19 pool attendants will be scheduled as soon as needed for the facility. Cooksey's Swim needs at the least 2 weeks to hire and train pool attendants. We will need a two-hour training at the Home Owner's Association / HOA or apartment complex to go over all of the current COVID-19 protocols and regulations that the pool attendants will need to enforce. After that we will be keeping pool attendants up to date as soon as any changes are made to the regulations set forth by California and Red Cross. Cooksey Swim will inform the Home Owner's Association / HOA or apartment complex of any changes to policies and procedures due to COVID-19 as they arise. 

Please note that pool attendants are not lifeguards. They are only at the Home Owner's Association / HOA or apartment complex to enforce the procedures set forth by the state and county. The pool attendants will not be able to assist in any emergency procedures, and they cannot make any in water saves. The pool attendants are only trained to enforce COVID-19 procedures set forth by the governing bodies in order to keep the swimmers of the Home Owner's Association / HOA or apartment complex as protected as possible from COVID-19. 

If you are looking for lifeguards, you can go to our contract page to view the details on our services. Lifeguards and pool attendants can work together to both provide swimming safety and COVID-19 guideline enforcement at the Home Owner's Association / HOA or apartment complex. 

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