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Conscious Choking

I know you have seen this do a billion times in the moves, someone is eating dinner someone tells them some bad news and the swallow their food down the wrong pipe. So if this happens in real life what do you do? Here is the 6 steps you take when dealing with a conscious choking victim.

Step 1 Check the scene make sure it is safe for you to help the person. Check for everything​

like fire, water and electricity, bears, aliens, person with a gun, bears with guns, aliens riding bears with guns, bears riding aliens with or without guns and ect...

Step 2 Call 911

Step 3 Obtain consent, yes you do by law have to ask if that person want you to save their life.

Step 4 Lean the person forward and give 5 back blows with the heel of your hand.

Step 5 Give 5 abdominal thrusts aka the heimlich maneuver

Step 6 Continue back blows and abdominals until they can breathe or cough, or the person becomes unconscious.

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