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Information on lifeguarding, swim lessons, aquatic contracting, health, pool safety, and so much more!

When Getting a Lifeguard

​When hiring a lifeguard for your pool party or special event we send each of them with a rescue tube, basic first aid kit, rescue mask and whistle (to get the attention of the patrons if something has gone wrong). Another important thing we make sure of is that each of our lifeguards are certified through Red Cross. These certifications include CPR/AED, First Aid, and Lifeguard through Red Cross. Cooksey's Lifeguards are all up to date on all certifications. Our lifeguards also are trained to scan your pool every 15 seconds. This means that they should virtually never take their eyes of of the people in your pool. This recognizable pattern should be about 10 to 15 seconds long and then repeat this is to ensure that everyone in the pool is seen. We make sure to train each lifeguard in all of these things to make sure that the people swimming in your pool are safe.

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