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How do I get my pool tiles clean again?

The best way to get your old pool tiles to sparkle like new is clean them when you have your pool drained. If you do not want to drain your pool attack your tiles with a pumice stone. BUT that will only do so much and you have to be careful because it is easy to scratch your tiles with a pumice stone. So best way to do it is:​

Step one- Drain the pool because you will have to use chemicals to really make them shine. The strong chemicals you will be using will throw your pool water out of balance if it is kept filled.​

Step two- Get heavy brushes and heavy duty tile cleaning chemicals and scrub away! (For some of the more stubborn spots you may want to try using a power tool to buff the tiles clean).


Step three- Once the tiles are all scrubbed now its time to put a protective coating on those bad boys. You can get a special wax that will polish and protect your tiles in the future from grime and calcium build up.​

Step four- Clean the chemicals from the bottom of the pool, then fill it back up.

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