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Why does a lifeguard need their whistle?

A whistle is one of the most importent things a lifeguard for hire should have. The whistle will allow the lifeguard for hire to get everyone's attention in the pool. Sounds simple and it is, but this is one of the most common things a lifeguard forgets because it is so small. The whistle is not so in your face as a rescue tube or a first aid kit, and most of the time a lifeguard for hire will forget it in their cars. If you ever see a lifeguard without their whistle send them to go get it or if you run the pool send them home and get a new lifeguard who takes their job seriously.

Now we get to the fun part on why it is so impotant. This does allow the lifeguard for hire to let everyone in the pool know that there is an emergency going on in the pool. Once you hear a whistle blast you should check the pool to ensure that everything is okay and you do not need to call 911. Your lifeguard for hire should keep you updated throughout the save and let you know when EMS neeeds to be called. If you hear 3 long whistle blasts, or you hear "unconscious guest, call 911" your lifeguard for hire will need your help in clearing the pool and calling 911, especially if they are the only lifeguard on duty.

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