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"Lifeguard, Lifeguard, Help I'm Drowning!"

This little "joke" is constantly made, and has probably been a source of fun since the beggining of lifeguards. You have probably heard it at least one time, if not said something of the sort yourself. For your lifeguard for hire, it isn't very funny. Your lifeguard has probably heard that joke a few times per week, but it never gets old. Why doesn't it get old? Why is it not funny to call for a lifeguard when you dop not need it?

By calling for a lifeguard for hire's help when it is not needed is taking his/her attention away from a possibly serious situation. The lifeguard's attention may only get taken away for a few seconds, but for the little girl drowning on the other end of the pool, those seconds might mean everything. Kidding or not, your lifeguard for hire's attention will switch over to the person calling for their help. Whether you are doing it on purpose, r just to joke around with friends, they are looking at you.

You want to try as hard as you can not to take away a lifeguard's attention. This is because it will break their scan. When you break a lifeguard's scan they can no longer focus on where they have looked, which mes thy could either skip a spot, or scan one side of the pool.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you do not break your lifeguard for hire's attention during their time at your house. You want them to be able to focus completely. That way, if the lifeguard does need to make a save, they know when to do it!

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