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Information on lifeguarding, swim lessons, aquatic contracting, health, pool safety, and so much more!

Lifeguard for Filming/Productions

Chances are if you are involved with a film shoot or production including any body of water, no matter the size, a professional lifeguard is required. This includes filming in a lake, pool, beach scene, and even a bathtub. That is right, if you are filming a scene where someone is in the water at all, you will need to hire a lifeguard for your film shoot. Since the most shallow recorded drowning happened in 2" of water, you really never know when something can happen. When working with people you do not really know, you just met, etc. You can never be sure of their abilities. If they put on their resume that they are great swimmers, and they are not, you may find out that they stretched the truth on their resume to get the job and start filming a little too late.

It is always the safest bet to hire a Cooksey lifeguard for your film shoots. So many more things can happen on set than just a drowning. If you are too small budget to have a medic at your film shoot, our lifeguards can help out with many more things. All of our lifeguards are trained to react in any emergency including heart attackjs, seizure, stroke, and many other sudden illnesses. Anything could happen during a film shoot, by hiring Cooksey's for your shoot you are just adding some extra helping hands.

It does not matter the size of production, the budget of the film, or the amount of people in the film, we have done it all. Not only have we lifeguarded for various different productions, we have just recently added a brand new price for our lifeguards special for filming! Our lifeguards are now only $30 per hour for a film shoot. If your film shoot has 5 people or less in the water at any given time you can hire our lifeguards for this special cost. We do this to help out with your film budget because we know whether it is a big production or a small one,-every little bit helps.

If you would like a lifeguard for your upcoming film shoot please go to our store and fill out our short ifeguard questionaire. Please make sure you are going to the lifeguard for film shoots tab.

We hope to lifeguard for your next film shoot!!

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