Why should every pool party have a lifeguard?

Whenever I lifeguard at a pool party there is always one parent that sits next to the pool watching their children like a hawk. After about thirty mintues the parents always comes up to me and tells me how glad they are that I am there and how this might be the first kids pool party that she gets to enjoy. The reason for this is because that one parent was at a party where a child almost drowned or unfortunately did. This can all be prevented by having one person who knows how to scan the water properly. This person's sol concern should be enforcing rules, watching the kids in and around the pool, and making sure that all children in the pool are in zones that they can actually swim in. A lot of the time the parent that is 'lifeguarding' the pool is afaird of yelling at children that are not thier own. This should not hold you back because every child's life in that pool is in your hands and if someone is doing something unsafe you need to stop it.

That parent that is 'lifeguarding' should also not have any alcoholic drinks or start a conversation that will distract them. The crazy thing about this is that most pool parties do have a parent that watches the children but it only takes 35 seconds for a child to go from swimming to dead and it always happens when they look away for just a second to talk or look at their phone. So I strongly believethat every pool party should have a lifeguard that you hire because they know how to scan the water, dont feel bad about enfornceing rules, and know how fast a child can drown.

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