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What is it Like to Lifeguard at a Country Club?

At Cooksey’s Lifeguard and Swim Academy, most lifeguards will also lifeguard at private clubs. All of the private clubs that we work at are very high end. Because of our client's status, and the status of their members, it is both an amazingly rewarding and tricky place to work. There are a lot of perks to working as a private lifeguard for one of our lifeguard contracts. Our lifeguards get to go see great places only seen to few. They get to use the pool 30 min. before and after their shift to get a good workout. At most of our contracts our lifeguards and swim instructors are provided food by the clubs. The food is very good, and the lifeguards can eat one meal a day.

Being a lifeguard at a private club also means you get to meet and talk to/make connection with very high-profile people. But, this is also where the tricky part comes in; a lot of our lifeguards are asked not to come back because they are talking too much with members/not paying as much attention to the pool as they should be. There is a big difference between building relationships/connections and overstepping boundaries. Lifeguards need to be careful and know that they are constantly being watched and judged by the members at our private clubs. But if the lifeguards stay on task, they will be rewarded with all of the perks of working at an awesome place, with awesome people!

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