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5 ways to relieve a Sunburn! Cooksey's Lifeguard and Swim First aid Tips

Sunburn Sunburns suck! If you have had a sunburn at any point in your life, you know that they can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Here are some things that can help relieve a sunburn. 1. Warming milk and dipping a washcloth in it and then rubbing it on hot spots will help alleviate that hot sensation. 2. Taking an oatmeal bath when you have a super itchy sunburn 3. Sprinkling cornstarch on your bedsheets to help with chaffing while sleeping. 4. Taking some ibuprofen for the pain 5. Putting shaving cream on your sun burn should help to cool it down. Every mom has to deal with sunburns when their little ones are learning how to swim.


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