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Consent, during a rescue. How it works and when is it implied consent?

This is Hayley’s beautiful bald baby, and he is choking HELP my baby’s choking And I’m the lifeguard, here to help But before I give any help, I need to get consent from the mom Hi I’m a lifeguard, I’m trained in CPR, can I help? If she says yes, then I can go in and help Yes, please help my baby!! *goes in and helps Now, what if she says no, No ugly lifeguard get away from me the only thing I can do is stand back and call 911 (if needed) What happens if no one is around the baby/minor? It becomes implied consent. Just check the scene to make sure the scene is safe, and then provide necessary care, calling 911.

This video is for the lifeguards and anyone taking the Red Cross classes. We wanted to help have people understand the different types of consent when a lifeguard is going to help someone.


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