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March 2023 Accounting Overview

Here is the quick break down of our accounting for March by itself. This is not year to date. That will come for in the Q1 report. This is for our lifeguard for hire business where we contract out lifeguards, country clubs, housing associations, hotels, sports clubs, and rec centers like the YMCA. We also do you at home private swim lessons, along with swim teams, and lifeguard for hire for your private events.


Income Total: $34,300.32

Expense Total: $36,177.94

Lines of Income

Private Parties: $4,292.27

Swim Lessons: $250.75

Contract Lifeguarding: $29,757.30

Lines of Expense

Payroll (Includes Taxes/Invoice): $31,273.61

Taxes: $1,104.90

Liability insurance/workmans comp: $1,330.60

Other (uniform, bank fees, Indeed, Etc...): $3,573.73

Things to note. This does not include the loan amount for Happy Swimmers. Break down of payments, payment dates, along with running totals will come later.


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