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Need a story to read to your child to get them excited to swim? Here you go: Lily learns to swim

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily who was very excited to learn how to swim. She loved going to the pool with her family and watching the other kids swimming and having fun. One day, her parents decided she was a big girl and big girls learn how to swim.

They signed her up for swimming lessons.

On the first day of lessons, Lily was nervous but also excited. She put on her swimsuit and walked to the pool with her parents. She did not know her swim teacher and was scared to get in the water without her parents. She saw the other kids in her class and they looked scared too.

Lily's swim instructor, Coach Mark, was very friendly and welcoming. He explained to the class that they would start with some basic skills and gradually work their way up to more advanced techniques. The first skill they learned was how to float and hold their breath underwater.

Coach Mark showed them how to take a deep breath, hold it, and then lower themselves down into the water. Lily was a scared at first, but she trusted Coach Mark and followed his instructions. To her surprise, she was able to float effortlessly on her back and hold her breath underwater for a few seconds.

With each practice, Lily became more comfortable holding her breath and floating on her back. Coach Mark also showed them how to kick their legs and move their arms to stay afloat. Lily loved the feeling of being weightless and free in the water.

After they had mastered floating and holding their breath, they moved on to learning the freestyle stroke. Coach Mark showed them how to move their arms in a circular motion and kick their legs in a flutter kick.

He had them practice in the shallow end of the pool.

At first, Lily was a little bit scared to put her face in the water, but Coach Mark encouraged her and showed her how to blow bubbles.

Eventually, she got the hang of it and was able to swim a few feet without stopping.

By the end of the summer, Lily had become a confident swimmer. She loved going to the pool with her family and showing off her new skills. She even started teaching her little brother how to swim!

Lily was proud of herself for facing her fears and learning how to swim. She couldn't wait to continue practicing and become a faster swimmer. And who knows, maybe one day she would even become a swim coach herself and teach other kids how to swim for the first time.


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