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Staff meeting for OFF SEASON 10-17-22

This was the staff meeting that took place on 10-17-22. OUTLINE Check ins for each contract, how is it going, any news or notes? - COC - Eastside - EF Academy - Griffin - BHH - Braemar -Wearing full uniform, if it is cold you can wear a sold color hood/sweat shirt. Your uniform must be underneath. You do have be wearing the lifeguard tube and fanny pack at all times -Clocking in and out on time, and staying for your whole shift (We have had to let people go because they believe people aren’t watching them but everyone loves to tell on the lifeguards) - Do not doodle in the note book. These may need to be used as legal documents. They are meant for numbers/daily safety checks only. We are going to start writing people up for doodling in the notebooks and we ask that staff report new doodles. -If something comes up you need to let us know. Contracts of delicate relationships and if we let them know that the lifeguard is running late or not coming in they will cut hours or cut it all together. The better the service is the longer we go throughout the off season. -Putting in swim lessons every Monday -You know the rules, no phones. Yet we have been hearing some things about lifeguards being on their phones on tower. This is absolutely never allowed and if we are told that you will get written up or removed from the contract - Updating Paychex with address so you get our W-2 or 1099 (remember if you are 1099 write off everything, sunscreen, sun glasses, gas to and from work, Lunches, etc…) - daily numbers and safety checks - The staff page. Is it easy to use, how can we improve it so it is user friendly?


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