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Scheduling & Tracking swim lessons

The following needs to be completed each swim lesson you do in order to make sure that you are paid correctly and scheduled correctly. 

We will set up your first lesson(s) on WIW and through a group text with the client. After that, it is your responsibility to put in the swim lessons onto WIW and keep them updated. We will give you permissions to adjust your WIW schedule on the "swim lesson" location only. You will be responsible from communicating with the client through the same text chain with management. This includes cancelling, switching, or pushing swim lessons. We must be informed to ensure that we are kept up to date with the clients needs. 

As a swim instructor, you need to make sure that you are inputting your swim lessons into WIW under the Swim Lesson location as soon as scheduled. You cannot schedule swim lessons over another shift you have been given unless you have already gotten that shift covered by another suitable staff. 

Lastly, you will go onto our Swim Lesson Tracker Google Form and input each swim lesson completed. This can only be filled in once you have actually completed the lesson. This is the only document we will look at to pay you, so it needs to be filled out each day that you have lessons.

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