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When I Work & Scheduling

How to Register / Clock In/Clock Out

All lifeguards will use the When I Work app for:

  • Seeing their schedule

    • Seeing the address of each location

  • Clocking in and out daily

  • Marking their availability (and always keeping it up-to-date)

  • Making time-off requests (within the allotted time) 

  • Swapping or dropping shifts 

  • Communicating with staff and supervisors about news, covering shifts, and any other pressing matters through in-app messaging

Information and Tips for Cooksey's Lifeguards! 

  • We are a lifeguard contracting company that has a bunch of different locations including private homes, this means you may not be working at the same place day to day. This is why it is very important to check your schedule and address before EVERY shift to ensure you are heading to the correct place. 

  • There will be notes in your shift if there is something that we want you to know. If you are working a private party, we give you the name and number of the client in case you need to get a hold of them for directions or let them know you are running late. 

  • Since we have so many different locations, sometimes filters get turned on. If this is on, some of your shifts may be hidden, resulting in a No Call No Show. Please make sure no filters are on. You can see this on the top left of your app. 

  • If you need to switch a shift with someone, it is helpful to reach out to others individually and ask. If no one can do it, please let your manager know so that they can assist you. You ARE responsible for your shift if it cannot be covered.  

How to Set Availability 

Make Sure To: 

  • ALWAYS have your availability up-to-date BEFORE THE SCHEDULE COMES OUT so that managers can schedule you accordingly

    • You are responsible for finding covers for your shifts if you do not update your availability ​before SUNDAY of the upcoming week

  • Know the difference between "preferred" and "unavailable":

    • i.e. If you put that you "prefer" to work on Tuesday and also have Wednesday open, managers are able to schedule you on either of those days. If you are "unavailable" Wednesday, managers cannot schedule you on Wednesday. 


Swapping / Dropping Shifts


  • Staff scheduled is responsible for their shift until it is successfully picked up by another lifeguard. 

  • It is staff's responsibility to get the shift covered OR to show up to their scheduled shift if it is not picked up. 

  • If swapping shifts, staff is responsible for the new shift as soon as they accept the swap. 

How to Schedule! 

For Swim Instructors 

Make Sure To: 

  • Always have your swim lessons up-to-date in WIW so that management can make sure to schedule you for other shifts accordingly. 

  • Never schedule over other shifts you have already been given. 

  • Make sure that all information is correct for swim lessons 

For Head Lifeguards 

Make Sure To: 

  • Always have all shifts in the scheduler for each location 

  • Do your schedule on time 

  • Make sure all staff has the correct position in EACH shift--this is crucial for payroll 

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