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Lifeguard for a Non-Pool Party

We get a lot of calls for private lifeguards for events with a pool where no one will be swimming. Everytime one of our lifeguards is hired for one of these parties the owner of the house asks things like:

"I know I am crazy for hiring you guys to lifeguard but I wanted to be safe"

"Is this the first house where you have had to lifeguard an empty pool"

Well, contrary to most people's belief this happens quite often. Hiring a lifeguard for an event where people are not swimming is very important. Why you may ask?

No matter what kind of party it is, pool party or not, if you have a pool (and especially if children are going) you should have a professional private lifeguard watching it. Kids run around at birthday parties regardless of whether they are swimming or not. We all know that most parents do not keep as close as an eye as you wish they would while at your house. Our private lifeguard will come to your home and ensure that no person touches the water. The lifeguard will ensure that no children fall into the pool. They will also be there to help in any non-aquatic related injury/emergency. i.e. all of our private lifeguards are trained to assist someone who is choking.

If you are having people over at your house, you should definitely hire a private lifeguard to watch over your pool. It will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your party. You will not need to worry about if your smaller guests are being watched by their parents.

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